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How to Spend Quality Time with Your Child?

The days with the little ones often seem to be quite tiring and long. However, in reality, time slips when we are with children. They make us happy with their innocence and smiles. Children grow up fast, and so as parents, we should cherish their childhood like it’s now or never.

At the back of our mind, all of us know this truth, but due to our hectic schedules, we often forget to prioritize the time that we should spend with our kids. In this article, we have listed out the best things to do with kids, even when you have a busy schedule.

Ways to spend quality time with your child 

Find out how you can utilize the time you spend with your child in the best way:

  1. Taking Meals Together

Each one of us eats at least three meals a day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Out of all, breakfast is the most chaotic meal as all the members of the family are busy. They are all getting ready for the school or office and rushing to get there on time.

Now, by lunch, the family members are scattered in their respective offices and schools. So, it is next to impossible to come together to eat.

Therefore, dinner is the only time when family members can come together and have a meal peacefully.

Having dinner with the family will give the family members, especially kids, an opportunity to connect, communicate, and recharge after a long day.

  1. Tokens of love 

A token of love does not always mean a material gift. It can be some affection, time, attention, or a play date together. A good night kiss, a good morning wishes, a small kiss on cheeks while leaving for work, a back rub while putting them down to sleep or a good head massage at the weekend. All of these can count as tokens of love.

  1. Scheduled Dates

Dates do not mean that only people involved in a romantic relationship can go out. Any two people who love each other can go for a period, irrespective of their relationship. It can be two friends, siblings or a father and daughter and so on.

One of the most loving and valuable relationships is that of a parent and a child. Therefore they both deserve to go on a date so that they can have that exclusive one on one time with each other.

You can also schedule it, to make sure that you do not forget to prioritize it amidst all the work you have the whole day.

  1. Talking It Out

A parent-child relationship indeed is one of the most beautiful links in the world naturally. However, having a strong bond of friendship with your child takes the relationship a step further.

Create a relationship that will build trust so that your child can talk out the things that are on his mind and are hidden deep in his heart to you. You can begin working on it from a very young age. All you need to do is snuggle and chat with your kid. Ask him about how his day was at school or in general. A small initiative from your side will pave the way to strengthen the bond of friendship between you and your child in the coming years.

  1. Going Out for Activities

Instead of leaving kids at home with nannies or caretakers while you are busy running an errand, take them along with you. You can talk with the child or spend time together in general while simultaneously completing the chores.

The other way to spend quality time with your child is to take them to the activities classes yourself. The feeling of you being present there for them will encourage them to perform well in their activities.

  1. Daily Ritual 

No matter how busy you are, always make sure to get at least one daily ritual done with your kids. For some parents, it may be reading goodnight stories to kids, while for others; it may be playing for a while with the kids.

Whatever it may be for you, as a parent, make it a point to get it done every single day. It will assure your child of security, affection, and love.

  1. Play the favorite games

Every child is different and so are their interests and choices of games. One child may like to play with Lego while the other one may want to play with cars. Also, there may be some other kids who want to snuggle and read books.

Whenever you have some free time during weekdays, play for at least half an hour with your kids. On the weekends, have a family playtime, where you can have a gala time playing with your kids and reliving your childhood.

  1. Have a movie night

Too much screen time is, of course, not good for your child’s health. However, you may allow your kids to watch their favorite shows at times. You should also join the kids and give them some company. It is a win-win situation because you get some quality time with the kids. Moreover, you get to supervise what they are watching.

Therefore, make sure to slow down a bit and allow yourself to spend some quality time with your kids. Do not miss out on any of the precious moments of their growing up phase.

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