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In 2022, which are the best no-KYC crypto exchanges?

Within the cryptic space, KYC has turned out to be an inevitable reality for many people.

You have most likely needed to finish the know-your-customer (KYC) procedure before being allowed to carry out some transactions in case you have ever created an account with among the leading crypto exchanges.

KYC is intended to reduce unauthorized transactions, but it’s a snare on our private life and we do not wish to deal with such problems.

Immediate Edge is one of the best platforms to start Bitcoin trading.

What is KYC? In several instances, KYC signifies “Know Your Client” or “Know Your Customer.” It enables us to know as well as validate the identity of our customers whenever they develop an account.

Put simply, exchanges should ensure their clients are really who they state they’re.

For identification verification, private info including utility bills, ID cards, or passport is necessary.

No KYC Crypto Exchanges


Bitfinex is a different good performing crypto exchange in the world having no KYC. The software was operational for some time plus much has brought about many issues, such as tether printing, among the biggest hacks ever recorded, among others.

The exchange remains operational though, and it is thought to be getting the deepest liquidity trading volume in the industry.


Using CoinSwitch, it is possible to trade more than 300 cryptocurrencies immediately without needing to register for an account. The website additionally enables users to buy Bitcoin by using Mastercard and Visa payment cards.

CoinSwitch is well known since it does not require any KYC, provides several cryptocurrencies, is easy to use, and also permits fiat trades.


The AXX is a crypto trading exchange that supplies spot futures as well as over-the-counter markets.

The AXX matching motor utilizes the LSEG Technology which is utilized by major exchanges such as the London Stock Exchange. More than two million investors have supported this also you will discover they’re pleased with the interface as well as the performance it provides.

They provide more than fifty crypto-to-crypto pairings, in addition to easy funds deposits and withdrawals, and market monitoring. This particular online marketplace has more than twenty cash currencies in addition to peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions with secure encryption as well as quick settlements.


Binance is among the very best no-KYC crypto exchanges which accept all major altcoins and also enable you to trade anonymously. You don’t have to do KYC when your day withdrawal is under 2 BTC. This shouldn’t be wrongly identified as the rules and regulations of


Evonax is an additional cryptocurrency exchange with no KYC, created in 2016, which lets you quickly exchange various cryptos from each other.

Evonax is a system that values security and privacy and it is an international exchange that’s utilized by several folks. Additionally, they offer trading pairs with ongoing customer service in addition to new crypto-to-crypto exchanges which demand only wallet addresses.


This’s a new cryptocurrency exchange since they don’t need some KYC, apart from your email address to register.

They advertise to represent pioneering crypto-ideals, which can make them a reputable platform. They do not accept fiat currencies, and they do not support fiat currencies. you can just withdraw your Bitcoins from the website.


HODL HODL is a non-custodial P2p Bitcoin exchange platform service. This specific platform enables users to exchange with one another and doesn’t hold user money rather than entrusting them to multisig escrow.

This improves the security of your products along with your trade period. The users may also communicate as well as trade using their very own modalities, like using cash, real meeting, and so forth. This website enables you to stay anonymous and doesn’t post KYC details.


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