Indian top 5 gaming and betting favourites entertainments

Mumbai has been the commercial capital of India for decades and its residents are always hustling to make more money. Gambling, card games, and betting are embedded in the local residents’ mindset.

Let’s see this shortlist of the top 5 most popular gambling entertainments in this buzzing metropolis. Feel free to join the online revolution with just a few clicks.

Teen Patti Online Gaming

Target Audience: Everybody
Why is it Popular: Busy City with People Looking to Release Pressure

It’s enough to watch the Hindi movie Teen Patti to understand how much Mumbai residents love to play card games. People commute for hours on trains to reach their college or work, not to mention the condensed free time they have.

Online Teen Patti games have become a staple option for Mumbaikars, who just have to fire up their smartphones and start playing in trusted online casinos.

Cricket Betting

Target Audience: Retired Citizens, Students, It Professionals, Women
Why is it Popular: The Glam Factor. Most Successful Franchise.

Yes. The Mumbai Indians are coming off a disastrous IPL season in Dubai, but we must not forget that this team has already won it all 5 times. With Rohit Sharma now becoming the captain of Team India, Mumbai residents will be betting away as the season starts in mid-2022.

Additionally, online cricket betting, in general, is very big in Mumbai.

Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming

Target Audience: IT Professionals, College Students
Why is it Popular: Money Wheel games are a hot topic

Money Wheel games have improved a lot over time and the young audience of Mumbai has taken notice. Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming is packed with bonus games and is littered with ridiculous multipliers that simply enhance the gaming experience.

We also need to mention the great graphics, elaborate settings, and instant payouts, things that are captivating the imagination of Mumbaikars in posh coffee shops and on weekend getaways.

Pro Kabaddi League Betting

Target Audience: Retired Citizens, Veteran Betters, Young Enthusiasts
Why is it Popular: The Bollywood Connection, Sachin Tendulkar

Mumbai, previously known as Bombay, is home to the world’s biggest cinema industry, commonly known as Bollywood.

With the Jaipur Pink Panthers being owned by Abhishek Bachchan, son of the legendary Amitabh Bachchan, it’s only natural that Mumbaikars love to bet on the Pro Kabbadi League. If you need more reasons, cricket legend Sachin Tenduldar is co-owner of the Tamil Thalaivas.

Satta Matka Online Gaming

Target Audience: Veteran Gamers, Housewives, Old Age Homes
Why is it Popular: A Proven and Tested Format, Now Online

Satta Matka is an old lottery-style game that has been played in India for decades.

After multiple reincarnations (Worli Matka, New Worli Matka, etc.), it’s now seeing a major reemergence thanks to the convenience of the online format, where deposits can be made with Paytm, Phonepe, and Rupay.

Even old-timers in Mumbai are getting drawn back to playing their favorite game from the comfort of their homes.