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Invest into Cryptoassets and Earn Passive Income Through Masternode Staking

Everyone is aware that the best master node and staking pools in the crypto space is undoubtedly the MyCointainer. With the help of this site, one is able to earn the passive income easily by skating the coins instead of saving them up in your wallet. Every reward is related to the interest of the users, and your chances of earning can eventually increase with the staking period. The staking period can make the platform more special and has the best master node and staking pool in the crypto space.

What makes My Cointainer different from others?

The regulation is what makes My Cointainer stand out as this site is regulated, which is very unlike the other automatic staking and master node staking platforms. Financial Intelligence Unit(FIU) has regulated and licensed this platform and thus provides extensive services. They provide the service of exchanging a virtual currency with wallet management or Fiat. As the platform is regulated, so it makes you assure the users’ high-level credibility and that their funds are regulated. This POS- Masternode platform makes sure that the users get the most out of their staking coins.

How to Earn Rewards with My Cointainer?

MyCointainer gives its users rewards, and the process of obtaining these rewards is not difficult. It is a very straightforward process, and you can get rewards easily. The first thing you have to do is to deposit a crypto coin of your choice in your staking address of My Cointainer. After depositing the coin, the process of staking begins automatically. Future rewards are also credited and are added to your balance as the investment keeps on going automatically.

You don’t have to worry about anything as the process of earning passive income through My Cointainer is completely transparent, scalable, and verifiable. The staking pool provides each of its participants with a clear copy of stakes, ID transactions, and crypto rewards. That is why developers are looking to developed a complete solution that will help the investors to separate their rewards, which are based on the ones which come from skating and Masternodes.

Benefit of My Cointainer

What benefits do you get from My Cointainer? Many benefits and advantages are offered by MyCointainer to its users. As you know, it is a Proof of Stake technology which makes sure that the earn most from the coin stakes. As validators, students stake their coins on the platform and get the rewards for their investment.

  1. User-friendly interface

A user-friendly and an instinctive interface, MyCointainer is highly popular among both newbies and expert crypto traders. You don’t need much experience to manage or invest the coins while using the platform.

  1. FIAT to Crypto gateway

The users can easily buy the crypto with FIAT on My Cointainer.

  1. Access to shared Masternodes

Involving a wide variety of coins, users can easily access to the shared master nodes staking. Users get an amazing opportunity to increase their earnings as each reward user get a subject to compound interest.

  1. Direct Interest

To help their users generate more profits, My Cointainer also allows and offers a direct interest in the rewards. As the fees are only applied to the users who get generated rewards, thus also helping them to get more profits.

  1. My Cointainer Power

For the smart stakers, MyCointainer gives its users the subscription-based services. Through this smart stakers can waive their fees charges on a monthly subscription.

  1. Automated stacking

If you are using My Cointainer, you don’t have to worry about anything, and they barely make you do anything. Only deposit your investment, hold and withdraw simply. The platform will handle everything automatically. The only thing you have to do is to sit back and watch your balance grow.

  1. Regulated

Financial Intelligence Unit(FIU) has regulated and licensed this platform. Therefore, it provides the safe and secure services of exchanging a virtual currency against Fiat and wallet management. Community members also help the users grow MyCointainer balance.