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Jim Carrey claims his late girlfriend had herpes

Jim Carrey’s late girlfriend had sexually transmitted diseases before she met him and forged medical records to make it appear that Carrey gave her STDs in an effort to extort him, the actor’s legal team has alleged.

Documents from Carrey’s team obtained by People claim that Cathriona White altered the name on a friend’s medical records from 2013 to her own.

She allegedly also changed the year from 2013 to 2011, which is before she met him, and submitted the documents to Planned Partenthood. The make-up artist had dated Carrey on and off for three years.

The documents allege that she used the false records in an attempt to prove that Carrey gave her STDs.

‘She cooked the records, creating forgeries with altered information, phony tests and fictitious dates,’ the explosive court documents read.

She then allegedly threatened Carrey with ‘public degradation’ in an effort to extort him early 2013, the documents claim.

White took her own life in September 2015 at the age of 30, and her mother and her estranged husband have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Carrey, 55, that alleges he should be held responsible for the prescription drug overdose that led to her death. 

Jim Carrey’s legal team has alleged that his late girlfriend, Cathriona White, falsified her medical records because she allegedly had sexually transmitted diseases before meeting Carrey

The court documents further allege the existence of text messages between White and the friend whose documents she falsified. 

An attorney for White, Michael Avenatti, told TMZ that the new allegation ‘complete and utter bulls***’ and added that Carrey and some of his legal advice will be ‘criminally prosecuted for their conduct in this case’.

The news comes as revealed yesterday that Carrey is seeking a protective order in the wrongful death lawsuit brought against him.

This action comes weeks after leaked notes from his late girlfriend’s therapist revealed that he allegedly lied about giving her sexual transmitted diseases.

Carrey’s motion, filed on October 9, intends to modify an already existing order, and if approved, will allow the actor and other parties involved to review the discovery material five days before it is disclosed to the public.

The filing comes as it’s been revealed that Carrey will be deposed in the case on October 27.

Court documents further allege that White used the falsified records in an effort to extort Carrey, who is pictured at White's funeral

Court documents further allege that White used the falsified records in an effort to extort Carrey, who is pictured at White’s funeral

White died by suicide in September 2015 and her mother and estranged husband filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Carrey

White died by suicide in September 2015 and her mother and estranged husband filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Carrey

In August, revealed excerpts of Cathriona White’s sessions with her psychologist, during which she said she had trouble sleeping and eating due to her tumultuous relationship with Carrey.

She also told her shrink that the ‘Dumb and Dumber’ star gave her herpes and made her feel like ‘damaged goods’ which ultimately made her suicidal. 

Carrey is now arguing that good cause exists to modify the protective order since the information was ‘sensitive’ and according to him, ‘inaccurate,’ court documents show.

‘[White’s psychologist] recently produced subpoenaed counseling notes to parties that contain sensitive, private, and Mr Carrey contends, inaccurate, information about the relationship between Ms White and Mr Carrey, as well as the psychologist’s notes of discussions with Ms White that reference or pertain to Mr Carrey’s alleged medical and psychological health and conditions,’ the motion reads.

Although White’s therapist did not mark the records as confidential, Carrey’s lawyers determined they should be kept private, but by then, the docs had already been disclosed to ‘multiple third parties,’ by White’s mother.

Carrey’s new protective order will ensure ‘all documents, testimony, or information that are not designated upon production or service by any producing party or producing third party as confidential…shall be treated as presumptively confidential and subject to the same terms and treatment as designated confidential materials under this protective order for a period of five calendar days…to allow any non-producing party a reasonable time to review…’

White’s mother’s legal team however, seems to be against Carrey’s request.

A very skinny Jim Carrey was spotted outside an art gallery in Soho chatting with friends

Jim Carrey introduced his ex-girlfriend, Cathriona White, to cocaine, prostitutes, mental abuse and disease, according to a recently unearthed letter allegedly written by White in 2013

Carrey was spotted outside an art gallery in NYC’s Soho neighborhood on Wednesday. The actor, 55, appeared frail and thin

Brigid Sweetman’s attorney, Avennati, told in a statement: ‘Why is Jim Carrey trying to hide the truth from the public about what really happened? If he has nothing to hide, then he doesn’t need a protective order.’

White had told her therapist she wanted to ‘have it all stop’ as she struggled to eat and sleep while dealing with constant vomiting that was caused by the anxiety she was experiencing from her relationship with the actor.

That admission was made on July 18, 2013 and was included in medical records from White’s doctors that have been subpoenaed by lawyers for both Carrey and White’s mother, Brigid Sweetman, in her wrongful death lawsuit against the actor.

Session notes and text messages obtained by that span from October 2012 to July 2013 reveal that Cathriona White had been seeing Carrey for just six months when he suddenly broke off the relationship, a move that came after White had been tested for STDs but before she had received her results.

The results came back positive soon after, and White told her therapist that she had contracted the STDs from Carrey, claiming that she questioned bumps on his genitals before her first outbreak but he dismissed them as irritation from shaving.

Text messages from White to Carrey show a similar exchange as well between the two at this time. 

”These contemporaneous notes prove what we have said along and show what kind of person Carrey really is,’ Avennati told in a statement.

‘His claims of innocence relating to Ms. White are bogus and shameful.’

White's mother's attorney referred to Carrey's legal team's assertion as 'complete and utter bulls***'

White’s mother’s attorney referred to Carrey’s legal team’s assertion as ‘complete and utter bulls***’

The notes from January 30 also reveal that White ‘wishes [Carrey] would marry her as her promised so that she can work and be more self-sufficient.’

That surprising admission came just 15 days after White wed estranged husband Mark Burton in Las Vegas.

‘The thing that becomes clear is that she is extremely upset because she wanted Jim to marry her,’ said a source close to the case.

‘And the reason she wanted Jim to marry her is so that she could stay in the country.’

White began seeing the therapist in October and claimed Carrey had ‘issues’ that left him ‘down and dark’ during a November session.

During a December session she talked about being terrified when she watched Carrey pick up and smash a computer against his wall then voiced how upset it made her that Carrey would ‘send her home when he feels like it and not keep in touch with her until days later when he wants company.’

The therapist noted: ‘[White] has so little self-esteem. Very impressionable and little ego strength. Also very afraid of [Carrey] and his temper, yet she wants to rescue and help him.’

Just a few months prior, White’s therapist noted that she seemed to ‘light up’ when she spoke of her new love interest.

Shortly after the new year, White told her therapist in a phone call that she had ‘tried to commit suicide with a bottle of painkillers that she got from JC’ after he broke things off two days prior on January 8.

White texted this admission to her therapist while on a bus to Utah to see her estranged husband, Marc Burton, according to the session notes. And at that time, the therapist recommended that White see a psychiatrist for medication.

That is disputed by a source however, who states: ‘The only pills that were available to [White] in January 2013 were her pain medication and prescription she got from her doctor. If she attempted to take her life it was from her own prescription pills.’

A week after that suicide attempt she married Burton.

White and her therapist spoke again a week after the wedding, again by text, in a conversation initiated by White’s therapist.

A therapist for White previously noted: '[White] has so little self-esteem. Very impressionable and little ego strength. Also very afraid of [Carrey] and his temper, yet she wants to rescue and help him.' Carrey is pictured at White's funeral

A therapist for White previously noted: ‘[White] has so little self-esteem. Very impressionable and little ego strength. Also very afraid of [Carrey] and his temper, yet she wants to rescue and help him.’ Carrey is pictured at White’s funeral

White was ‘spending time with friends’ and admitted to being ‘fearful about the future’ according to the notes, which also say that she has promised to keep in touch on a daily basis.

She did not do this however and two days later cancelled her session on January 19, though she does speak with her therapist on January 21 after reuniting with Carrey.

The notes from that session describe White as being ‘incredibly distressed’ and ‘feeling like she wanted to hurt herself when JC kicked her out of his home in a drug-induced rage.’

White also spends a great deal of time alone while waiting for Carrey to be free, according to the notes.

She is still ‘not doing well’ six days later according to the therapist, who notes that White is meeting immigration lawyers provided by Carrey and that the actor ‘is going to pay for an apartment for a year and some spending money’ for the woman.

On January 30, the therapist noted White was ‘noticing a breakout in her genitals.’

‘[White] claims she was tested before she slept with [Carrey] was free of any STDs,’ read the notes, which go on to detail how she ‘noticed bumps on [Carrey’s] penis but he told her it was from shaving.’

She is then described as ‘living in a constant state of fight or flight.’

On February 7, White is described as ‘very fragile and thin’ and ‘still devastated over the breakup.’

Four days later she is ‘very emotional’ according to the notes for her session, during which she tells her therapist Carrey ‘texted her few nights ago asking her to come over and “cuddle” then changed his mind.’

On February 22 the therapist noted a text conversation she had with White when she checked in on her after the young woman missed her appointment two days prior.

White responds that she is ‘too numb to talk’ after a ‘horrible few days,’ and on February 27 she shared the news about her STD test with the therapist.

‘[White] cries that she now have contracted 3 STDs that [Carrey] gave her,’ read the sessions notes, which go on to say that Carrey said he wanted to ‘free’ after White confronted him with the results.

It is noted that White is ‘unable to calm down down during the session’ and ‘feels that she cannot tell anyone what has happened to her.’

White also described herself as ‘damaged goods’ to her therapist on that date.

She continued to see Carrey though the notes show, complaining on March 13 that she was feeling ‘used for sex’ because the actor treats her like a ‘dog’ and ‘kicks’ her out when they are down with the act.

White was also struggling with singing a confidentiality contract at this time, and the longer she took to sign the papers the more verbally abusive she claims Carrey is becoming with her, calling her ‘worthless,’ a ‘b****,’ and a piece of s***’ according to notes from March 27.

The therapist also wrote in her recap of that session that White was ‘manifesting early signs and symptoms of PTSD.’

A month later things do not seem to be much better, with the therapist writing that White ‘seems even more fragile’ in her April 24 notes.

‘We discuss her inability to feed herself and what to do to stop losing weight.’ read the session notes, adding that White ‘cannot keep food down.’

White revealed on that date that she had contracted an additional STD that was just revealed to her after further testing.

Meanwhile, the session notes also detail White’s growing fears about her ex.

White is ‘not able to hold food down’ and ‘still cannot sleep through the night’ state the May 8 session notes, which claim White ‘fears that [Carrey] will burst in her apartment and hurt her’ and is having bad nightmares that he is raging at her.’

Those concerns and dreams also come however at the a that White seemed to be struggling with a new prescription to Lexapro according to the therapist, who wrote that it was causing a ‘negative reaction.’

White’s STDs dominate the talk during her one session in June and three in July, with her final noted session occurring on July 23, five days after she said she wanted to ‘have it all stop’ to her therapist.

‘Met [White] near her home, as she does not have a car,’ read the therapist’s notes, which reveal that White ‘wants to terminate therapy for a while as she is feeling calmer and will be travelling’ but will stay in touch.

‘Still feels that no one will want her as she is damaged both psychologically and physically with all the STDs,’ wrote her therapist.

Sweetman stated in her complaint the her daughter’s suicide came after years of ‘abuse’ at the hands of the actor, which included ‘Carrey giving Ms. White three STDs without warning her, lying to her about it, “dumping her out of concern fro saving his own carefully crafted public image, calling her a ‘Whore” and shaming her.

The complaint was filed a year after her daughter’s death and is set to go to trial next April, with White’s estranged husband also listed as a plaintiff in the case.

Carrey’s lawyer, Marty Singer, has called the lawsuit a shameless shakedown and says his client is blameless.

Singer filed legal documents back in December demanding that the court strike claims from Sweetman’s lawsuit, saying the allegations she included were made for the sole purpose of harassing, embarrassing and humiliating him in an effort to shame him into an unmerited settlement.

The actor said that the statements regarding claims that he gave White STDs without warning, called her a ‘whore’ and used ‘fixers’ to silence her are ‘irrelevant’ to the wrongful death case.

‘A part of their attempt to shakedown Carrey for a multi-million dollar payday, Sweetman and her attorney have riddled the Complaint with severe ad hominem attacks and allegations about STDs, none of which are relevant to the cause of death,’ court documents say. ‘Hence, none of these allegations belong in the Complaint.

Carrey has said in court documents that he and White were a loving couple and that he was ‘absolutely devastated’ by her suicide on the third anniversary of her father’s death.

Carrey specifically pointed to two of White’s suicide notes that she left him, saying that the letters show how much she loved him.

‘White left Carrey two suicide notes speaking lovingly to him, requesting his forgiveness for ending her own life, describing him, and him alone, as her “family”, and entrusting him to divide her property,’ said the December court documents. revealed last October that the STD test submitted as evidence in the wrongful death suit filed against Jim Carrey by Sweetman showed positive results for multiple diseases. 


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