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Moment idiot tombstoner hurls himself 200ft into the sea from Durdle Door

Moment tombstoner belly flops 200ft into sea from Durdle Door before he’s pulled unconscious from the water in need of CPR

  • Two paddle boarders rescued the 20-year-old from seabed after he jumped 
  • Witness reports that people were cheering him on before he jumped into the sea 
  • Woman who saw incident said it was ‘disgusting’ to see people encouraging him  

This is the shocking moment a tombstoner jumped from a 200ft rock into the sea and was pulled unconscious from the water.

The 20-year-old diver was seen belly-flopping from Durdle Door into shallow water and knocked himself unconscious.  

Yasmin Allen, 23, was forced to give assistance to the second diver after he was dragged back to shore by paddle boarders.

Mike Wiley and Dylan Kirkwood from Southampton saved the man from the seabed, The Sun reports.  

Miss Allen and two other members of the public laid the jumper on the ground and had to perform CPR for more than five minutes. 

A specialist first aider then came to the scene and paramedics along with the coastguard arrived minutes later.   

Miss Allen said: ‘My sister Courtney and I were on the beach and saw it unfold. The lad jumped in and just didn’t come up.

‘Thankfully the two guys who’d been sat behind us had gone out on their paddle boards just in case something went wrong.

‘They did so well to get him up and pull him back to shore. He was not conscious so myself and two other people laid him out and started CPR.’

An air ambulance then took the diver to hospital. One witness, who wished to remain anonymous, said that he saw people jump into the water after the man didn’t resurface.  

He said that hundreds of people swarmed the scene after the ‘biggest belly-flop’ he’d ever seen,   

Ben Clark, who also witnessed the jump, recalled a defibrillator being used on the man. 

Hayden Bradley said it was ‘disgusting’ to see so many people cheering the man on as he prepared to jump.