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The firms that charge you to pay by credit card shamed

Dozens of travel companies, insurers, car dealers and even local councils are charging rip-off fees for paying by credit card – even though the Government... read more

Concentration camp survivor sees Mladic guilty verdict

The man whose emaciated body behind the barbed wire of a prison camp became a symbol of the suffering of the Bosnian Muslims during the war in the 1990s, was to... read more

British factory orders at their highest level since 1988

British manufacturers are winning business at the fastest rate for 30 years, figures showed yesterday. Booming demand from around the world has pushed orders fo... read more

Stirling man who posed as scout to dupe girls jailed

A loner living with his elderly mother has been jailed for posing as a modelling scout to dupe girls as young as 10 into sending naked pictures.  John Kilpatri... read more

Taiwan wedding crasher attacks guests after asked to leave

An alleged wedding crasher has been caught on camera assaulting guests and restaurant staff while being asked to leave a nuptial banquet in Taiwan.  The foul-m... read more

US troops capturing an island from Japanese in pictures

Incredible footage from the Second World War showing American troops capturing an island from the Japanese in the Pacific Ocean has reemerged this week, giving ... read more

Brothers get Christmas wish when serviceman dad appears

This is the touching moment two brothers got their Christmas wish in Santa’s Grotto – when they were reunited with their serviceman dad. Chris Gibso... read more

Jack in the Box video of cup size experiment goes viral

A Jack in the Box employee posted a viral video this week of his cup experiment He appears to pour the same amount of liquid that fills three different-sized cu... read more

BT sales executive squeezed a woman’s bottom in London

Oliver Mason, 29, spotted the woman in sports gear as she made her way home from work on Shoreditch High Street, east London, on 31 March, before squeezing her ... read more

GBBO’s Prue Leith takes veiled dig at Paul Hollywood

Prue Leith appeared to take a thinly-veiled dig at Paul Hollywood as she appeared on This Morning on Wednesday alongside Phillip Scofield and Holly Willoughby.... read more

Michigan’s John Conyers accused by second woman

Another woman accused Representative John Conyers of sexual misconduct earlier this year, it has been revealed, as the Democrat from Michigan faces an ethics pr... read more

Emmerdale’s Leah Bracknell posts butterfly wings photo

Emmerdale’s Leah Bracknell, who was diagnosed with with terminal lung cancer in 2014, has thrilled fans with a ‘beautiful’ image of herself ... read more

Heroic diver saves starving turtle from a plastic bag

A kind-hearted diver saved a turtle from certain death when a plastic bag became lodged eight inches down her throat. University lecturer Saeed Rashid, was on ... read more

New York woman who recovered from anorexia shows off body

A woman who was left so weak during her struggle with anorexia she couldn’t walk up stairs is now proud to have reclaimed her body image.  Writer and men... read more

People love tweet that switches Rihanna and Trump’s bios

A woman has left people wondering what the world would be like if Rihanna was president after she shared a photo of the singer’s Twitter bio switched with... read more

Merkel’s ex-coalition partner urged to reconsider alliance

Say what? German Chancellor Angela Merkel talks to Social Democrats Party (SPD) leader Martin Schulz in Parliament yesterday Germany’s Social Democrat Pa... read more

Black Friday sales: Thousands of items discounted early

It’s Thursday, and Black Friday sales have officially begun.  Shoppers can – and have – already started bargain hunting as online stores slas... read more

Jungle parasite may be killing American veterans

A half a century after serving in Vietnam test results show some men may have been infected by a slow-killing parasite while fighting in the jungles of Southeas... read more

Wendy Williams reveals she was groped on live TV

The talkshow host, 53, didn’t name a culprit but described the alleged incident  She said: ‘My worst guest? I’m not going to name. But it ha... read more

Budget: Hammond freezes duties on beer, wine and whisky

Philip Hammond froze duties on most alcohol today but announced a new crackdown on cheap ‘white ciders’ with higher taxes. The Chancellor said he wa... read more

one in three dread talking about politics over holiday

Bring on the turkey — but maybe hold the politics. Thanksgiving is Glenn Rogers’ favorite holiday, when people gather around the table and talk about th... read more

Cops shoot dead mentally ill teenager in Colorado

Shocking footage has emerged of two police officers shooting dead a mentally ill teen after he ran at them with an 11.25-inch knife while begging to die. Jeremy... read more

Conjoined twins could be separated in op that could kill

Conjoined twins attached at the head are being assessed to see if they can be separated. Rabeya and Rokeya, from Bangladesh, are craniopagus conjoined twins, w... read more

How a Brisbane ex-bikie converted to Muslim

With his neck and arms and shaven head plastered in tattoos, former bikie Robbie Maestracci doesn’t look like your typical Muslim. However five years ago ... read more