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Opioids killed more Americans in 2016 than the Vietnam War

Opioid drugs have killed more Americans than the 19-year Vietnam war, the AIDS crisis, car accidents, suicides and homicides, a new report shows. The analysis b... read more

Victims of contaminated blood scandal warn Theresa May

Victims of the contaminated blood scandal last night warned Theresa May they will have ‘no faith’ in a public inquiry Victims of the contaminated b... read more

A real contender to the iPhone 8: Google Pixel 2 review

Google has never been, until now, known for its design. While the last generation Pixel was a great phone, you’d never choose it over a Samsung Galaxy or ... read more

Smokers face breath tests before surgery

Smokers are to be breathalysed to prove they have quit before being referred for surgery. Obese patients will also be told they cannot have an operation unless ... read more

Hero Mandalay Bay security guard is NOT missing

Police say the hero Mandalay Bay security guard who was shot during the Las Vegas massacre is a victim and he is not a missing person after he vanished from the... read more

Twitter turns on CNN reporter for ‘mocking Donald Trump’

A CNN political reporter has come under fire for a tweet that appeared to be mocking polio survivor Sen. Mitch McConnell as he held hands with President Trump a... read more

Getting tipsy in front of kids could harm their wellbeing

Parents who get tipsy in front of their children are having a negative impact on family life, according to a report. They are inclined to cause arguments, be le... read more

Model Erin Holland reveals the unusual diet she swears by

Model Erin Holland is known for her enviable figure and now she has revealed the key to staying looking her best. Speaking to FEMAIL, the former Miss World Aus... read more

Project Runway’s Mychael Knight suddenly dies at age 39

Mychael Knight died on Tuesday morning at the age of 39. The TV star passed away after checking himself into an Atlanta, Georgia hospital where he had been trea... read more

Theresa May backs grammar school expansion

Theresa May has promised to back grammar school expansion for the first time since she lost her majority in the General Election Theresa May has vowed for the f... read more

The human brain has tripled in size as we ventured further

While previous studies have suggested that our brains evolved to become larger as our social group size got larger, a new study is calling this into question. ... read more

Fossil of 48 MILLION year old species of bird discovered

The fossilised remains of a 48 million year old new species of bird have been dug up in Germany. The mysterious creature was about the size of a wren and used w... read more

Labour backs a public inquiry into vaginal mesh implants

Labour is backing a public inquiry into controversial vaginal mesh implants that has left thousands of women depressed, unable to have sex and on the brink of s... read more

Father dies of asthma attack from California wildfires

A 27-year-old father from California died on Sunday after enduring a fatal asthma attack caused by the wildfires which left him brain dead. Joshua Hoefer lost h... read more

Lack of sleep nearly triples risk of gestational diabetes

Pregnant women who got less than 6.25 hours of sleep each night were 70 percent more likely to develop gestational diabetes than others, according to a new meta... read more

Dead black rhino with horn hacked off in South Africa

A picture of a dead black rhino with its horns hacked off has won a photographer the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year award.   Brent Stirton won ... read more

Appeals court throws out $72million award in talcum case

A Missouri appeals court threw out a $72million award to an Alabama woman who claimed her use of Johnson & Johnson products that contained talcum powder con... read more

Mexico says TPP countries seek consensus on market access at APEC meeting

By Reuters Published: 23:45 BST, 17 October 2017 | Updated: 23:45 BST, 17 October 2017 WASHINGTON, Oct 17 (Reuters) – The remaining countries of the Trans... read more

Ex-husband charged with murder after vet vanishes with dog

The ex-husband of a 37-year-old who went missing last month has been arrested and charged with her murder, bringing police one step closer to working out what h... read more

Replacing Fatty? Peter FitzSimons has meeting with Nine

His wife, Lisa Wilkinson, left Channel Nine and her role as co-host on The Today Show.  And it seems there’s no bad blood, with Peter FitzSimons heading ... read more

Sergeant killed by Kashmir terrorists failed by helmet

Sergeant Milind Kishor’s was shot by Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists in the region He and another soldier lost lives after killing two jihadis and injuring thr... read more

Greedy home insurers use tax rises to hike cover by 50%

Insurers are hitting homeowners with outrageous price hikes that are up to 25 times higher than they can justify. In some cases, they are raising premiums by 50... read more

Spicer is quizzed by special counsel Mueller’s team

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer spent most of his Monday being interviewed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team, Politico has learned. ... read more

Anna Friel ‘fled dinner party after unwanted approaches’

Anna Friel, 41, is said to have left a dinner party after becoming uncomfortable The Marcela actress was at the Balmoral Hotel with ex-Amazon boy Roy Price, 51... read more