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Florida couple evacuate mobile home as sinkhole opens

The sinkhole hole – estimated to be 25 feet wide and 15 feet deep – opened early Tuesday at the large Rolling Greens subdivision in Ocala A neighbor... read more

Things that make your pubic hair go grey prematurely

Davina McCall revealed she’s going grey ‘down there’ It’s arguably something we shouldn’t be embarrassed about, but most of us fea... read more

When you die you know you’re dead as the mind still works

Some report having seen light at the end of a tunnel, while others claim to have floated above their body, watching as medics save their lives. But the reality ... read more

Break carb cravings with eight tips from nutritionists

Kicking the urge to buy breads and pastas at the grocery store is difficult especially if your body is craving the food. But these processed carbohydrates hinde... read more

The moon set to get inflatable space station in 2022

The firm that send the first inflatable space module to the International Space Station has revealed an even bigger project – a space station orbiting the... read more

Florida woman ‘had sex with special needs student aged 14’

Alana Chasky, 35, is a former teacher’s aide who was arrested and charged with having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old special needs student A former ... read more

Alcohol helps to improve foreign language skills

Dutch courage – the confidence gained from drinking alcohol – could help with more than just flirting with someone at the bar.  A new study has fou... read more

Jason Manford on his weight loss wake-up call

He lost more than a stone in weight after dramatically overhauling his diet and embracing a healthy, active lifestyle. And Jason Manford admits the wake-up call... read more

London and the West Midland lead summer house price falls

House prices dropped across Great Britain in the third quarter of 2017 with London and the West Midlands property markets suffering most. Research suggests that... read more

Wearing clown outfit in Florida on Halloween may be deadly

A sheriff’s office has warned they will not defend anyone dressed as a ‘creepy clown’ for Halloween if they are attacked while scaring unsuspe... read more

US threatened SEAL Team 6 raid to free Taliban hostages

The US threatened to launch a Bin Laden-style SEAL Team 6 raid in Pakistan to free an American woman and her family held as hostages in the country. Caitlan Col... read more

The pill should be taken every day without breaks

The contraceptive pill should be taken every day without breaks, according to a leading professor. Guidelines that recommend taking oral contraceptives for 21 c... read more

Just a hug is enough to soothe the pain of loneliness

A simple hug from a stranger is enough to sooth the pain of loneliness, a new study has shown for the first time. University College London researchers warn cud... read more

Human remains found in Florida belong to missing mom, 24

Human remains found late last month in east Orange County, Florida are of Tia Bonta, a mother who was reported missing last year Human remains found in Florida ... read more

Google’s machine learning AI learns to replicate itself

Google’s machine learning artificial intelligence software has learned to replicate itself for the first time. The firm first revealed its AutoML project ... read more

Florida cops baffled by freak target practice accident

Police have tracked down the gun that killed a fisherman found dead in the Everglades in July – but they say they don’t know who pulled the trigger.... read more

Butchers and farm shops under spotlight over dirty chicken

Butchers and farm shops are under the spotlight amid allegations they are selling dirty chicken.  At the same time, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) is scaling ... read more

Intelligent people have a higher risk of mental illness

Intelligent people have double the risk of mental illness compared to their lesser-intelligent peers – and more often suffer anxiety-related physical woes... read more

Ribena is just as bad for your teeth as Coca Cola

Drinking Ribena and sparkling drinks pose the same threat to your teeth as gulping down Coca Cola and Pepsi, worrying research suggests. Scientific tests on 23 ... read more

Kim Zolciak offers advice at wedding as Brielle cringes

Kim Zolciak and Brielle Biermann showed their angelic sides in white gowns Tuesday at a star-studded wedding in Florida. The 39-year-old reality star and her 20... read more

Guide celebrates British countryside to coax foreign GPs

Desperate health chiefs are trying to coax thousands of foreign GPs to work in the UK by telling them how beautiful the British countryside is. In a frantic dri... read more

Vaginal mesh victims deserve an apology, Tory MP warns

Women affected by controversial vaginal mesh implants deserve an apology and are unnecessary victims of a ‘cavalier practise’, a senior Tory MP has ... read more

Hampshire woman forks out £30,000 on weight loss surgery

A woman has lost almost 14 stone after spending an astonishing £30,000 on weight loss surgery. Gemma Glover, 36, from Waterlooville, Hampshire, ballooned to 22... read more

HPV vaccines ARE safe | Daily Mail Online

HPV vaccines are safe, new research reveals. The controversial jabs do not raise the risk of 45 serious, chronic diseases, a study found. Although results revea... read more