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NM mom fired for shooting robber given $64k in donations

Donations are pouring in for a mother-of-three who lost her job at a New Mexico gas station after she shot an armed robber.  Jennifer Wertz was held up at a Ci... read more

FBI director: Terrorists trying to use drones in attacks

FBI Director Christopher Wray gave his first testimony in front of Congress on Wednesday Wray said that one of the main concerns for the bureau  right now is t... read more

Celebrity Red Carpet Skincare Tips From Dr. David Colbert

If you had the chance to pick the brain of a world-renowned make-up artist, a celebrity hairstylist or a dermatologist at the top of his or her field, what woul... read more

‘Human snake’ India teen with skin shedding disease cured 

A teenager dubbed the ‘human snake’ because her skin shed every six weeks has been cured by European doctors with the help of British fundraisers. S... read more

Man found dead in house fire in upscale DC suburb

A 21-year-old man has been identified as the victim who was found dead inside a house in Maryland that burned down earlier this month, and where mysterious tunn... read more

Jude Law and P Diddy’s sons shoot D&G campaign in Venice

Having been born to some of the world’s most famous stars, they are preparing to steal the show themselves. And Rafferty Law, Christian Casey Combs and Br... read more

PFW: Emily Ratajkowski teases her cleavage at Etam show

She showcased her sizzling flair for fashion earlier in the day at the star-studded Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2018 show. And continuing her stylish turn, Em... read more

Man who put feet on train seat insists he’s not wrong

A commuter who was publicly shamed for taking off his shoes and socks on a packed train and putting his feet on the seats insists he has done nothing wrong. Ant... read more

How unique is your weird habit?

There is no new thing under the sun — not even your grossest, strangest habits. And to prove it, a new survey had Americans and Europeans admit to their weird... read more

Coffee does not help Parkinson’s despite previous research

Coffee may not relieve the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease after all, a new study suggests.  Research published in the journal Neurology in 2012 suggeste... read more

Bachelorette reject Eden Schwencke says he regrets dance

He sent Australia cringing with his impassioned break dancing routine on The Bachelorette red carpet.  And it seems Eden Schwencke was just as embarrassed abou... read more

Ohio woman picking up boyfriend for DUI arrested for DUI

Brandi Rae Coen, 29, in Ohio has been arrested after she tried to pick up her boyfriend, Kristopher Fox, who had been arrested for a DUI The sergeant told Coen ... read more

The last words of estranged wife as ex-husband gunned her

The estranged wife of a man from Texas who killed eight people at a football viewing party asked him ‘did you really have to do this?’ before she wa... read more

Psychiatrist testifies Oklahoma beheading suspect ‘insane’

Alton Nolen is charged with first-degree murder in the September 25, 2014, beheading of 54-year-old Colleen Hufford  He is also accused of stabbing another co-... read more

Green Bay Packers ask fans to link arms for anthem

The Green Bay Packers have asked fans at the game to link arms for the national anthem on Thursday night amid ongoing controversy surrounding players protesting... read more

Orlando Airport employee wears T-Rex costume on tarmac

An employee was dressed in a T-Rex costume at Orlando International Airport The dinosaur signaled  a Southwest commercial plane to its gate The T-Rex was in u... read more

Early cesareans raise risk of infant respiratory illness

Babies born in early have a 57 percent greater risk of struggling with their heart and lungs later in life than those who reach their due date, according to a n... read more

Kirakira+ app that adds sparkles to Instagram videos

Want to brighten your Instagram feed? Check out Kirakira+, an app with seven sparkle modes to provide an extra dose of twinkle-factor to anything that reflects ... read more

Dramatic moment firefighters rescue a driver from her SUV

A woman was rescued from SUV after getting stuck in flood waters Wednesday   Firefighters deployed an inflatable boat and pulled woman from her vehicle   The ... read more

Rob suing Blac Chyna ‘for strangling him with iPhone cord’

Rob Kardashian is suing ex Blac Chyna for trying to strangle him with an iPhone cord after consuming drugs and alcohol according to a new report. The 30-year-ol... read more

Graphite made by organisms four billion years ago found

Researchers have found what they say is the oldest-known fossil evidence for life on the Blue Planet—grains of graphite, a form of carbon, wedged into ancient... read more

Trump warns NFL owners ‘business is going to go to hell’

Donald Trump predicted on Wednesday that the National Football League will ‘go to hell’ if they don’t listen to his demand for a ban on protes... read more

NYC man gets jail for throwing dog off 7th-floor balcony

Yuk Cheung, 35, got in a fight with his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Chan on March 17 in Queens, New York, and threw their 12-year-old pug off of a seventh-floor balc... read more

Ugandan lawmakers start brawl over protests over Museveni

It is sometimes said that politics is a blood sport, and nobody knows that more than these Ugandan MPs who were involved in a mass brawl inside their parliament... read more