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Rebi Merilion reveals her tips for staying youthful

Rebi Merilion, 50, from London revealed her skin care routine keeps her young She also says her signature style of all black enhances her ageless appearance Reb... read more

Two thirds of households admit tidying up for the cleaner

Two thirds of householders admit cleaning their home before the cleaner comes. They’re so house-proud they can’t bear the thought of the hired help ... read more

Yorkshire devolution plan could see powers given to region

Proud Yorkshire folk may refer to their homeland as God’s own county – but could they soon be heading towards being a nation in their own right? Momentu... read more

CPJ Field: One in four don’t take any leave to grieve

One in four Britons do not take time off work following a family bereavement, a poll has found. A survey of 2,000 workers who had all experienced a death in the... read more

Westlife’s Brian McFadden receives supportive smooch

Their love has been burning bright for more than a year. And Danielle Parkinson planted a supportive kiss on Brian McFadden’s cheek before he went onto th... read more

Liverpool in filler frenzy as Botox capital of the world

It’s news that will raise eyebrows across the country. But in Liverpool, they may find that difficult… because the city has been named the world’s... read more

Femail reveals tips for growing Kefir at home

Do you have a small jug in your fridge, standing a little aloof from the yoghurts, swathed in muslin like a diminutive Miss Havisham, quietly fermenting away? N... read more

Nadya Fairweather on the best exercises to slim your hips

Nadya Fairweather recommends using a hula hoop to slim your hips Shona Wilkinson says eating ginger can help to reduce pain and stiffness Isabella Nikolic prov... read more

Milo Yiannopolous refers to Donald Trump as ‘Daddy’

Right-wing commentator Milo Yiannopolous insisted Donald Trump be referred to as ‘daddy’ and joked feminists should be killed in a bizarre radio in... read more

Quentin Letts: Richard Branson is a condescending swine

In Saturday’s extract from Quentin Letts’ new book, he turned his gimlet eye on a new class of smug, condescending, finger-wagging people who never tire of ... read more

Three in four families have bins emptied once a fortnight

More than three-quarters of families are waiting at least a fortnight for their bins to be collected. Many homes have waste taken away only every three weeks as... read more

Nip and tuck with Dr Tracy Mountford: wrinkles on my arms

Cosmetic skin pro Dr Tracy Mountford answers your questions on ageing This week a reader asks for her advice on removing the wrinkles on their arms Dr Tracy Mou... read more

Men charged with Michael Watson acid attack carjacking

Two men have been charged after brain-damaged boxing legend Michael Watson was doused in ammonia and scarred for life in a terrifying carjacking. The former mid... read more

BBC weatherman’s portraits of Will Smith And Judy Dench

You might think attempting to predict the ups and downs of the British weather is a full time job. But Tomasz Schafernaker – recently voted the nation’s... read more

WPC was stalked online by ‘creepy’ officer she jilted

Harassed: Emma Dining’s social media accounts were hacked A police officer stalked his WPC ex-girlfriend and hacked into her social media accounts after s... read more

Cigarette allegedly rolled by Dustin Martin is up for sale

A cigarette reportedly rolled by footy star Dustin Martin is up for sale for $50 following the Norm Smith Medal winner’s celebratory bender. After spear... read more

Hollywood mogul Weinstein fired after sex harassment claims: reports

By Afp Published: 01:22 BST, 9 October 2017 | Updated: 01:22 BST, 9 October 2017 Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, pictured in 2015, has reportedly been fired a... read more

Theresa May under pressure to sack Philip Hammond

Conservative MPs last night demanded Theresa May sack Philip Hammond for dragging his feet over Brexit as part of a reshuffle to reassert her authority. The Pri... read more

Crocodile Qld sightings soar by 40% as predators migrate

A fishing charter says crocodiles are becoming more aggressive and less intimidated by humans after sightings of the dangerous predators increased in areas furt... read more

Hockney ‘can’t paint well’, says Tate boss Chris Stephens

His show became the most visited exhibition of a living painter in the history of the Tate. But the curator of David Hockney’s exhibition has claimed the arti... read more

Las Vegas shooter may have had undiagnosed mental illness

Almost one week on from the Las Vegas shootings, investigators are now coming around to the idea that killer Stephen Paddock may have have been mentally ill, in... read more

Whitgift and John Fisher match abandoned over ‘chav’ jibes

A long-running annual rugby match held between a prestigious private school and a Catholic state school has been abandoned over fears of violent clashes fuelled... read more

Rose McGowan hits out AGAIN at ‘monster’ Weinstein

Rose McGowan once again lashed out at the Hollywood elite for remaining silent about the Harvey Weinstein Sexual Harassment Scandal as just as it was announced ... read more

Ken Clarke: Maggie had signs of dementia in Number 10

Ken Clarke has claimed Margaret Thatcher may have been showing the ‘first signs of dementia’ during her final year as prime minister Margaret Thatcher may h... read more