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Could kombucha be healthy alternative to wine?

It’s the much-hyped wellness drink that is often spruiked as promoting a range of health benefits – everything from preventing cancer and heart dise... read more

DR MARTIN SCURR answers readers’ health questions 

My 60-year-old mother had a hip replacement in 2008, which is now causing her severe pain that gets worse by the day. Her surgeon said metal from the implant is... read more

Harvard researchers make a device that mimics birdsongs

Harvard researchers have made a device that mimics complex birdsongs. The device uses air blown through a stretched rubber tube to recreate birdsongs found in n... read more

Why you should let your children play with their food

Children are often chided for playing with their food at the dinner table. But an expert says this is exactly what they should be doing to get them to eat fruit... read more

The rover that could reveal the secrets of the red planet

NASA’s next Mars lander is almost ready for its mission to the red planet. The spacecraft, dubbed InSight, is set to undergo its final round of tests followin... read more

Parent’s horror as children sick living in toxic ice house

A young family have been struck down by illness after discovering their rental property was a contaminated drug house. The Rushton family, from West Australia, ... read more

Childcare worker wins fight over grandmother’s $1m will

A Queensland childcare worker has successfully challenged several wills which split her grandmother’s $1 million estate between a local church and a chari... read more

Russia sends two stealth submarines to the Mediterranean

Russia has sent two of its newly-upgraded diesel electric stealth submarines into the Mediterranean to operate from its naval base in Syria.  The ‘Improv... read more

Wobbly shoes could stop those endless trips to the loo

Wobbly shoes may reduce the symptoms of incontinence. The special shoes, with balls on the soles, make walking unstable and require extra effort from muscles to... read more

Twitter users blast Kim Kardashian for posing as Jackie O

Kim Kardashian proudly showed off her latest photo shoot on Tuesday and Twitter isn’t impressed. The reality star, 36, posed as Jackie Kennedy for Intervi... read more

Michael Ibrahim warned to stay in Dubai or be killed

Sydney nightclub figure John Ibrahim’s younger brother Michael has been warned he will be killed if he is extradited from Dubai to Australia. The 37-year-... read more

Michael Moore says Trump is on track to win again in 2020

The liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore thinks President Trump is on track to win re-election in 2020, doing it the same way as before – winning the E... read more

Wrestler Sexy Star in controversy over injury to Rosemary

The female Lucha Libre wrestler Sexy Star has been accused of intentionally injuring her opponent after going off-script in a bout. The incident occurred during... read more

British doctor found way to talk to vegetative patients

Patients in a so-called persistent vegetative state, caught between life and death, appear to be brain dead.  But are they? Their families often think they are... read more

Kyle Sandilands Karl Stefanovic undeserving of LGBTI award

Karl Stefanovic sparked controversy last year after he was nominated for a LGBTIQ award after apologising for joking about ‘trannies’ on live televi... read more

‘I caught Ram Rahim the rapist godman in bed with my wife’

India’s self-styled ‘godmen’ have legions of devoted followers but many are dogged by scandal and several have been charged or convicted of cr... read more

How to live life according to your cycle ovulation

Ever wondered why at some points of the month you feel like going out and socializing with friends, whereas at others you’d rather curl up in a ball at ho... read more

Chemical leak in Texas as residents told to close windows

Authorities in Texas are urging residents of two small coastal towns east of Houston to remain indoors  A chemical spill was reported in the towns of LaPorte a... read more

Trump won’t single out Russia as a security threat

President Trump was given an opportunity to call Russia a ‘security threat’ on Monday, but he instead spoke about ‘many countries’ that ... read more

Diet tweaks to help you lose a POUND in a week

About to start a strict diet? Then think again — because, according to the latest research, crash diets just don’t work. They are so hard to stick to th... read more

Schoolgirl fights off predator Melbourne shopping centre

Police are hunting for an Indian man who indecently assaulted a teen schoolgirl  The man, aged in his 20s, approached the 15-year-old in Reservoir, Melbourne H... read more

Sale of US interior secretary’s motorhome raises questions

Ryan Zinke, United States Secretary of the Interior, sold a 2004 motor home at a steep discount to an old friend in the Montana Legislature in Helena, MT in Jun... read more

MP anger as Christian girl forced into Muslim foster care

The document claims the child was ‘very distressed’ and that her Christian cross taken away (stock) MPs demanded an urgent review last night after i... read more

Forecasters reveal interactive US prediction map for fall 

Are you wondering when fall will arrive in your city and turn tree leaves into fall’s characteristic golden brown? You can get a good idea of when to prep... read more