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Video of fight between Popeye’s workers and customers

Shocking video shows a fight at a San Marcos, Texas, Popeye’s  earlier this week It started when a group of four suspected Texas State University girls p... read more

Two 11-year-olds part of attack on African refugee family

A 27-year-old woman is recovering after being attacked by several people in St. Louis, and police say two 11-year-olds are among the suspects in a beating that ... read more

United Airlines won’t be punished for passenger dragging

A federal agency has decided not to punish United Airlines over an incident in which a passenger was violently dragged off an overbooked flight, and which spark... read more

Women escape minimum-security prison in California

Two women incarcerated at a minimum-security prison in California escaped on Monday and are being actively sought by federal and state authorities, it was repor... read more

Filipino family want conjoined twins at forehead separated

A family are desperate for their conjoined twins attached at the forehead to be separated despite the risk of them dying in the operation. Joy and Joyce Magsino... read more

Panda tries to perform tightrope walking for her keeper

Panda cub Pan Yue had her first attempt at tightrope walking in China She managed to get her front limbs on the rope but wobbled afterwards Better to stay safe,... read more

Kent couple with ill baby scoop a £1m in Euromillions

A young couple struggling to care for their baby with a serious health condition are celebrating a ‘miracle’ after winning £1million on the Euromil... read more

Four cups of coffee a day slashes rick of type 2 diabetes

Good news for coffee lovers across the world. Another study has found a cuppa to be beneficial for your health. Four cups of the hot beverage each day can slash... read more

Drinking 4 cups of coffee protects against liver disease

Drinking four cups of coffee a day is enough to prevent deadly liver disease, new research implies. Protection against the destruction of the vital organ may al... read more

Three armed Taco Bell employees shoot armed robber in Ohio

Three Taco Bell employees who were all carrying guns during a shift put them to use on Wednesday to shoot and kill an attempted armed robber.  None of the male... read more

Stoke-on-Trent police hunt for cars that hit mum and baby

Police are hunting a hit-and-run driver who left a pregnant 17-year-old mother and her one-year-old baby for dead in a road.   Police have launched a fresh ap... read more

Hero Aurora cop caught ‘choking’ and ‘stomping’ woman

The hero police sergeant from the 2012 Aurora movie theater shooting was filmed on hospital surveillance footage violently dragging a woman to the ground and ap... read more

Albanian drug gang are jailed for 17 years

Albanian gangsters who conspired to flood the streets of London with Class A drugs have been jailed for a total of 17 years. Algert Lami, 23, Roland Vasija, 20... read more

Man wielding a knife and a fake gun is killed in the Bronx

NYPD officers spent more than an hour negotiating with a man in the Bronx The suspect was wielding a knife and what appeared to be a silver handgun After an hou... read more

Homes of Hollywood stars are next on Irma’s hit list

As the deadly Hurricane Irma continues its progress through the Caribbean, some of the plush celebrity homes in the area have been seriously battered. US Presid... read more

Match reveals what single men and women really want

There’s someone out there for everyone, according to the familiar saying. But there’s no denying that some people have better luck on the romantic f... read more

Commonwealth Games swimmer ‘raped a young woman’

Commonwealth Games swimmer Otto Putland (pictured) denies raping a woman in Cardiff A Commonwealth Games swimmer raped a woman after she had just had sex with a... read more

150 year old mugshots reveal historic criminals of Sydney

Historic mugshots taken nearly a century and a half ago are now on display in a brand new exhibition named Captured: Portraits of Crime. The photos, taken in ja... read more

London nanny admits to making indecent images of girls

Elliana Ede-Borrett, 22, admitted making dozens of indecent images of children The victims involved were thought to be girls aged between one and six No link be... read more

Walkers stroll along cliff with massive crack in Sussex

These pictures show three people walking along a clifftop that could collapse at any moment because of a massive spreading crack. The dangerous crevice was spot... read more

Pilot convicted of traveling to have sex with kids

A 57-year-old California man who worked as an airline pilot has been convicted of traveling to the Philippines to have sex with minors. Michael Carey Clemans wa... read more

Scents that can calm you down in any stressful situation

If you struggle to manage your stress levels techniques you’re probably focused on solutions like getting more sleep, breathing techniques or even a spot ... read more

Pamella Roland presents an extravagant collection for NYFW

Designer Pamella Roland kicked off Fashion Week last night with an opulent affair at Pier 59 studios in New York City. The inspiration behind the show was a rec... read more

Kim Jong-un’s nuclear scientists paraded in North Korea

North Korea has held a mass celebration in honour of the nuclear scientists involved in developing the bomb used in its latest test. Tens of thousands gathered ... read more