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Amazon order made by parrot after it uses Alexa

A pet owner was stunned after her parrot managed to shop online using Amazon’s Alexa voice recognition software. Corienne Pretorius, 39, was baffled after... read more

Third-grade football coach puts colleague in chokehold

A game between Bixby Blue and Union Silver was violently interrupted Saturday A coach had allegedly said that his colleague’s son was slow on the pitch  ... read more

Mother ditches sugar addiction and loses 42lbs in months

A Louisiana woman who was addicted to sweets ditched her sugar-laden diet to lose 42lbs and drop three sizes in just eight months after her home was destroyed ... read more

Yoko Ono sues small British lemonade firm

Yoko Ono has threatened to sue a small British lemonade firm trying to market a new ‘John Lemon’ drink. The 84-year-old claims the drink is infringi... read more

ESPN host slams Trump after a warning not to be political

Dan LeBatard criticized President Trump on Monday for ‘never apologizing’ A memo was sent to employees days earlier warning them against being polit... read more

British tourist faces six months in Dubai jail over finger

Jamil Ahmad, 23, gestured towards the driver ‘in frustration’ near the Dubai Financial Centre on September 8. Pictured: A file photograph of heavy t... read more

OECD predicts British economic growth will slow next year

Britain’s economic growth will slow next year falling behind even Italy as the country is hit by Brexit uncertainty, a major study today warns. The UK ec... read more

Continuity outrage breaks out among Doctor Foster viewers

Gemma Foster jumped back into bed (metaphorically speaking) with her evil ex-husband Simon on Tuesday night’s episode of tense BBC drama Doctor Foster. Bu... read more

Georgia death row inmate asks for massive last meal

Keith Tharpe, 59, was sentenced to death back in 1991 over the brutal murder of his sister-in-law Jacquelin Freeman A murderer on death row has requested a mass... read more

Tibetan yoga can help breast cancer patients, study finds

A new study from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center has found that Tibetan yoga helps chemotherapy patients sleep better Insomnia, poor sleep qua... read more

ITV This Morning shows designer vagina procedure live

This Morning viewers nearly spat out their breakfast cereal today as they watched a woman undergo a vaginal rejuvenation procedure live on air. First thing on W... read more

Paralyzed man dances with daughter at her wedding

Dorian Wills, 52, became paralyzed after a skiing accident in 2007 He was determined to walk his daughter Chavuanne Cousins down the aisle and share a dance on ... read more

RAF veteran wins right to fly armed forces flags

Janis Patterson, 64, was warned that she could be prosecuted after hoisting up a banner that said ‘Lest We Forget’, in her front garden, in October ... read more

Coke-polished garage floor made from 2p coins in Pensford

A father and son are tiling their garage floor – using 33,000 2p coins. Dominic Lowe, 55, and son Jon, 25, will no doubt consider it time well spent when ... read more

Lamborghini Gallardo catches fire in south-western Sydney

Lamborghini Gallardo catches fire at Sydney south-west on Wednesday  The car is completely ravaged but the sole male driver escapes unhurt   The cause of the ... read more

Searched launched for missing woman in Swanage

Mary Harper went missing as she enjoyed a stroll with her husband near Durlston Castle in Swanage, Dorset, on Tuesday A major police search has been launched af... read more

Police say man they were chasing stopped to apply for job

A Massachusetts man who was wanted for driving his car over the foot of a Massachusetts State Police officer last week was arrested mid-police chase when he sto... read more

Balmoral photo reveals the Queen’s private space

From the skirted armchairs to the antique clock on the mantelpiece, this photograph could have been taken decades ago. But the image was captured today in the l... read more

Shopper dodges death twice during Mexico earthquake

A shopper in Mexico is lucky to be alive following the earthquake which struck yesterday afternoon, as this heart-stopping footage shows. Video captured in Ange... read more

Longleat safari animals take on a British army tank

The notoriously mischievous monkeys and lions of Longleat safari park were in for a surprise when a British army tank rolled through its grounds in Wiltshire. H... read more

Man told police would ‘get him’ over Shirley Finn murder

A man who saw a car parked next to Shirley Finn’s the morning her body was found was warned police would ‘get him’ because of what he saw. Joh... read more

Sensitive robots can tell your gender from a handshake

Robots are now so smart they can work out whether you’re male or female and even what your personality is like from one handshake. Researchers are develop... read more

Spectators injured after Porsche attempts burnout in Idaho

A shocking video showing a Porsche Spyder driver injuring 11 people after crashing into them at a car event in the US has emerged. The Spyder driver, who has no... read more

Judi Dench cuddles co-star at Victoria And Abdul screening

Dame Judi Dench is best known for being Britain’s domineering Queen of the silver screen. And the 82-year-old posed alongside her new co-star Ali Fazal, 30, a... read more