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Royal Navy’s air defence missiles launched for first time

The Royal Navy’s newest air defence missiles which can shoot down the enemy at three times the speed of sound have been launched for the first time.  Foo... read more

Bride can’t smile at Tajikistan’s wedding of the year

Ask any married woman around the world, and she is likely to say that her wedding day was one of the happiest in her life. But despite being the leading lady of... read more

British rower finally rescued from remote Norwegian island

Well, for me now my Polar rowing expedition is coming to a close.  Since landing here on the truly incredible Island of Jan Mayen I have decided not to continu... read more

Silicon Valley executives getting £6,000 BLOOD transfusion

It may sound like a gruesome technique used by a vampire to get his daily fix. But top executives in Silicon Valley are turning to blood from young people in th... read more

Kate Middleton’s most stylish maternity outfits

The Kate effect is a well established term among the fashion industry with almost everything in the Duchess of Cambridge’s wardrobe selling out in a flash... read more

Animal welfare petition to ban ‘cruel’ donkey rides

A petition to ban ‘cruel’ donkey rides from a traditional English seaside resort has gained more than 110,000 signatures in just six days. Supporter... read more

Facial recognition detects criminals at beer festival

Criminals looking for a quiet pint suddenly found themselves collared when cops used facial recognition technology to catch thirsty crooks at a Chinese beer fes... read more

Sex sting in Washington leads to the arrest of 110 men

An undercover prostitution ring in Bellevue, Washington, led to the arrest of 110 men over the course of a week. Two major police operations in Washington shut ... read more

Kent racist who hurled abuse outside court in football top

Barry Bonner was found guilty of racially aggravated public order offence and fined £120 and told to pay £230 in court costs A 40-year-old man who shouted ... read more

Historically black beaches that broke barriers

In the late 19th century, there were few beaches African Americans could visit without the fear of discrimination or violence. Despite the end of slavery by the... read more

Heartbroken parents of Burning Man fire victim speak out

The grief stricken parents of the man died at this year’s Burning Man after running into a blazing effigy are speaking out about the horrific incident.  ... read more

JetBlue releases fun line of spoof office souvenirs

Some people might feel like work itself is enough of a reminder of the importance of vacation – but not JetBlue. The airline has decided that even those w... read more

British duo become first to run length of South America

A British couple who were the first people to run the length of South America have detailed their extraordinary exploits in a new book – and revealed that... read more

Passive aggressive office notes revealed in funny pictures

It’s unlikely that passive aggressive notes have ever helped to diffuse tension in the office.   But that doesn’t stop frustrated staff members le... read more

Houston news exec loses it at Trump after he attacks media

A Houston news executive has snapped at Donald Trump after the president attacked the media’s coverage of Harvey in another bizarre swipe at the press. Du... read more

J’Ouvert Festival kicks off amid heavy security

The J’Ouvert Festival kicked off this morning under heavy security after four people were shot overnight in Brooklyn.  Tens of thousands of costumed, pai... read more

Former star quarterback Tim Tebow struggles in minors

Tim Tebow’s first full minor-league baseball season is in the books, but the former Heisman Trophy winner and University of Florida quarterback isn’... read more

Do-little Congress will vote soon on Harvey relief money

Congress will return from a five-week vacation on Tuesday, and sending billions of dollars to hurricane-ravaged parts of Texas and Louisiana will be the first o... read more

Moped thugs threatened baby with knife in Chelsea

Moped thugs threatened a 10-month-old baby with a huge knife before stealing her terrified parents’ watches in a shocking attack in broad daylight. Mother... read more

Conor McGregor lets his hair down in Ibiza

Conor McGregor has been letting his hair down at a wild party for his childhood friend’s wedding in Ibiza just a week after earning £100million in a figh... read more

Tucson mother poses with menstrual blood through her pants

A photographer is making a powerful point to normalize menstrual blood. Jade Beall, a mother based in Tucson, Arizona, took to Instagram earlier this year to sh... read more

Britain’s ugliest buildings shortlist revealed

A garish Lego brick style house, a tower block nicknamed The Fag Butt and an uninspiring train station are competing for the title of Britain’s worst-look... read more

Mum almost feeds Tesco banana with spider eggs to baby

A mother was horrified when she found a nest of spider eggs on a banana she was serving to her baby. Debbie Campbell, from Milton in Cambridge, spotted a clump ... read more

‘Insta-mums’ are slammed by ordinary mothers on Mumsnet

With photographs that could have been lifted straight from the pages of a magazine, Insta-mums offer a very glamorous picture of what motherhood is like. But no... read more