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Police seize goon bags in Alice Springs

Police have seized 58 goon bags destined for illegal sale in Alice Springs. Facebook image shows the boot of a blue car full of sacks of cask wine. There are re... read more

Pete Evans spruiks designer toilet ‘squatting stools’

He’s the reality TV chef who regularly makes headlines for his controversial health claims. And Pete Evans raised eyebrows once again when he promoted a d... read more

Two creepy century-old shipwrecks are found in Lake Huron

Two shipwrecks more than a century old have been found in the deep waters of Lake Huron, Maritime archaeologists announced Friday. Thunder Bay National Marine S... read more

Catholic school students support same sex marriage

Students at a Sydney catholic school are taking a stand against the church’s staunch views on gay marriage by sticking pictures of rainbows over the crest... read more

Texas realtor mother vanished before Hurricane Harvey

The mystery of a missing realtor mother of two has emerged from Hurricane Harvey, and it seems unlikely to have been caused by the storm, according to police. ... read more

Kim Jong-un poses with Korean People’s Army youth league

As the world holds its breath in anticipation of a possible nuclear test, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un hosted a photo event in Pyongyang for a group of the c... read more

Teens are drinking average of 10 litres of alcohol a year

Data has indicated Australians as young 15 are drinking 10 litres of booze a year  For the first time in nine years alcohol consumption across the country has ... read more

Hurricane Irma upgraded to Category 3 again

Hurricane Irma has been upgraded to a Category 3 once again but the storm could strengthen into a Category 5 by next week when it is expected to hit land. US a... read more

Is former Apprentice star Omarosa next to be fired?

White House chief of staff John Kelly is trying to limit the access of former Apprentice star and current adviser Omarosa Manigault to President Donald Trump, i... read more

ABC ‘upset’ with Michael Strahan for vacation amid Harvey

ABC might not want to hear how Michael Strahan spent his summer vacation. Executives from the network’s news division, The New York Post’s Page Six ... read more

Hillary’s dark days with Bill but doesn’t mention Lewinsky

Hillary Clinton has opened up about her ‘dark days’ with Bill in a new memoir but doesn’t mention Monica Lewinsky by name as the once-preside... read more

Dr Andy Caldin moved from UK to be flying doctor

A man has revealed how he went from watching ‘The Flying Doctors’ on a dreary day in England as a child to living out his dream as an Outback hero a... read more

Drug lord with links to crooked cops set on fire at home

An elderly man who was set on fire in his Queensland home has been revealed as a notorious drug lord with links to crooked cops, bikie gangs and a murder cover-... read more

Judge to decide on tossing suit over Confederate statues

The fate of two contested statues of Confederate heroes in Charlottesville, Virginia is in the hands of a judge who is not expected to rule on the matter for at... read more

Tech Dell billionaire pledges $36million to Harvey relief

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation has ponied up the largest contribution for Hurricane Harvey relief to date. So far the pair have donated $18million to l... read more

Anti-gay marriage ad mum complained to school a year ago

A principal who denied having heard about a mother’s complaint her son was told he could wear a dress to school has been contradicted by education officia... read more

Adelaide tremor was not an earthquake

Adelaide residents woke to a huge tremor in the early hours of Saturday morning Geoscience Australia first reported a 1.4-magnitude quake near Mount Compass Hou... read more

Escort reveals 5 things about husband you need to know

Samantha X (pictured) explains how to further understand male partners Australian high-class escort Samantha X has made a living from giving men exactly what t... read more

Firefighters battle fire in NYC’s Tribeca neighborhood

Nearly 200 firefighters battled against a raging blaze at a five-story commercial and residential building in New York City on Friday night. Lower Manhattan fil... read more

Bec Chin enjoys last of NZ babymoon with fiance Dean Vee

She’s the Bachelor star who has just wrapped up loved up New Zealand ‘babymoon’ with fiance Dean Vee. And Bec Chin has shared another series o... read more

Cheating students offer $1,500 on Airtasker to do homework

Students have been caught offering hundreds of dollars online for people to do their homework for them. Cheating pupils are offering up to $1,500 for their assi... read more

Gracie Gold taking a break from skating to seek ‘help’

Olympic figure skater Gracie Gold has announced that she is taking time off from training for the 2018 Winter Games in order to ‘seek professional help... read more

Jane Fonda and Robert Redford at Venice Film Festival

They first starred opposite each other in the 1960s college comedy Tall Story, and went on to dominate the decade as a captivating screen team. And almost four... read more

Video: Clerk takes on two armed robbers with bare hands

A fast acting overnight store clerk took on two armed robbers at a convenience store in Canada, and was even able to detain on of them until police arrived. Nis... read more