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Nasa celebrates the 40th anniversary of Voyager 1 and 2

Humanity’s farthest and longest-live spacecraft, Voyager 1 and 2, are celebrating 40 years of operation and exploration this month. The Voyagers have set ... read more

Man slammed against moving car in Inverness street fight

This is the shocking moment a man was slammed into a moving car during a street brawl watched by a wailing toddler. And at one point during the violent brawl in... read more

Scientists can use genes to build an image of your face

Scientists can build an image of your face using just your genetic code, new research has found. The study raises privacy concerns for those who have their DNA ... read more

Artist sparks fury after mocking workmen in McDonald’s

Artist Hetty Douglas sparked fury online after post of workmen in McDonald’s Douglas sneered in a snapchat post that the men ‘they look like they go... read more

When should I see a doctor about a sore throat?

Colin Dougall from LloydsPharmacy in Glasgow answers your common medicine queries As part of a weekly series, in association with LloydsPharmacy, Colin Dougall ... read more

How far Jesinta Campbell has come in her career

She first came into the spotlight when she competed in Miss Universe Australia in 2010, before going onto Miss Universe. And after WAG Jesinta Campbell admitted... read more

Magnetic pulses zap ‘voices’ in schizophrenia patients

Magnetic pulses can mute the voices that torment schizophrenia sufferers, a new study has found. More than a third of patients who underwent the pioneering trea... read more

Surfer has had his Instagram pictures taken before

The hunky surfer whose images were stolen and photoshopped into war zones by an Instagram fraudster has revealed it’s not the first time he’s been a... read more

Kent father has his fingers replaced by his toes

A father-of-three whose fingers were replaced with his toes after a horrific accident has learnt how to use his new digits to hold a pen – and even peel v... read more

Hull pregnant woman with twins died from heart condition

A mother died of heart failure while heavily pregnant with twin boys – one of which was delivered not breathing, but doctors managed to keep both alive. Kelly... read more

Worker run over as he clambers out of manhole in Russia

Manhole worker ran over by car which misses corner and mounts grass verge  Car drives away leaving helpless man struggling as passersby rush over to help  Sho... read more

Pyongyang nuclear test site mountain ‘could collapse’

A North Korean mountain above the country’s nuclear bomb test site is at risk of collapsing and leaking radiation across the region, China has warned. Pyo... read more

Paedophile has sentence jail reduced because he has autism

An Adelaide man who was a VIP member of a child pornography website run by notorious paedophile Shannon McCoole has had his jail sentence slashed after a court ... read more

Nasa’s Cassini probe approaches final ‘suicide dive’

Nasa’s Cassini space probe is approaching its final orbit between Saturn and its rings before its fiery plunge into the gassy planet. The craft is now und... read more

Google is hunting for AI experts in Beijing

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is looking to hire artificial intelligence experts in Beijing as part of an effort to ramp up its presence in China. Th... read more

Man plays Justin Bieber’s Despacito using calculators

Man learns how to use two calculators to play Daddy Yankee’s hit Despacito  He shared the clip to Twitter where it went viral with more than 17,000 retwe... read more

Four ‘members of banned National Action’ arrested

By Thomas Burrows for MailOnline Published: 10:31 BST, 5 September 2017 | Updated: 10:31 BST, 5 September 2017 Four alleged members of banned neo-Nazi group Nat... read more

Twenty3AU fashion brand owner shows truth behind Instagram

A woman who created a AUD $5 million fashion company from a second-hand clothing blog is now using her internet fame to educate her fans on body image. Sherlyn ... read more

Meat Livestock Australia lamb ad slammed for gods at BBQ

Jesus, Ganesh, Aphrodite and L Ron Hubbard join the world’s religious leaders in the latest, and arguably most controversial lamb ad yet.  Meat and Live... read more

Teenager open fire on fellow students in Moscow school

By Sara Malm for MailOnline Published: 10:25 BST, 5 September 2017 | Updated: 10:25 BST, 5 September 2017 A teenage boy has opened fire inside a school north-ea... read more

Woman is charged with Grenfell Tower fraud

By Martin Robinson, Uk Chief Reporter For Mailonline Published: 10:24 BST, 5 September 2017 | Updated: 10:26 BST, 5 September 2017 A woman has been charged with... read more

The Bachelor’s Laura Byrne suffers a wardrobe malfunction

She managed to pull off a slew of daring cocktail party frocks on The Bachelor this season. But Laura Byrne, 30, suffered a rather unfortunate wardrobe malfun... read more

Women open up about having Kate’s severe morning sickness

Sickness in pregnancy is common – around seven out of every 10 expectant mothers experience nausea, vomiting or both. For most women, this improves or disappe... read more

Woman finds out she will marry in 24 hours in Greece

This is the moment an unsuspecting girlfriend discovered that she was getting married in less than 24 hours – after her partner spent nine months planning... read more