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Gold Coast man has toes chewed off by his pet chihuahua

A father on the Gold Coast has woken up in the morning to find his toe chewed off by the family chihuahua. The father-in-law of former Gold Coast Suns player, C... read more

EU to demand Internet firms act to remove illegal content

Illegally streaming the latest episode of Game of Thrones and other top TV shows could be about to get a whole lot harder, thanks to new EU regulations. Leading... read more

New Aldi special buys offer with electronic car

Aussie shoppers line up for hours outside their closest Aldi store to nab the Special Buys each week. If it’s not the megastore’s annual ski sale, w... read more

Bored Panda pictures show pets bringing home bizarre gifts

A new gallery reveals the funniest (and most bizarre) gifts given by pets A dog gave itself a makeover with a set of false teeth he had found on his travels One... read more

Jeremy Clarkson, 57, smitten with girlfriend Lisa Hogan

They officially confirmed their relationship in February this year. And Jeremy Clarkson, 57, looked incredibly smitten as he took his Irish actress girlfriend L... read more

Tropical Storm Jose could regain hurricane strength

Tropical Storm Jose could regain hurricane strength on Friday and cause life-threatening rip currents along portions of the United States east coast, the US Nat... read more

Claims only one in four Navy ships can sail

Only one in four Royal Navy warships can sail due to spending cuts and the fleet is barely able to protect Britain, it was claimed today. The Daily Telegraph qu... read more

Psychotherapist says it’s best to shout at your partner

Time and again I speak to women who tell me: ‘I don’t like the person my husband turns me into.’ They claim that the awful things he says and does brings ... read more

Philippines’ Duterte may declare martial law

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte may declare nationwide martial law if protests against his rule turn violent or disrupt the country, his defence chief said... read more

Motor racing-Singapore secures F1 future until 2021

By Reuters Published: 10:10 BST, 15 September 2017 | Updated: 10:10 BST, 15 September 2017 By Abhishek Takle SINGAPORE, Sept 15 (Reuters) – The Singapore ... read more

Arsenal launch full review into Cologne crowd trouble

By Mark Mann-bryans, Press Association Published: 09:17 BST, 15 September 2017 | Updated: 10:05 BST, 15 September 2017 Arsenal will conduct a full review to det... read more

Bald men are perceived as being more dominant

Men, don’t worry about losing your hair as you age. It makes you look more powerful, according to research. The bald look, adopted by Bruce Willis, Vin Di... read more

Biblical prophecy predicts Rapture on September 23

Meanwhile an exorcist has claimed recent storms and flooding are signs of an imminent biblical apocalypse. The famous demon hunter also claims that the devil is... read more

Millionaire cleared of assaulting his estranged wife

A millionaire has been cleared of assaulting his estranged wife at their £1.8million mansion after a 1am row about their eldest child’s private education... read more

Tiahleigh Palmer’s foster brother Trent Thorburn to appeal

The foster brother of murdered schoolgirl Tiahleigh Palmer has lodged an appeal of his four-year sentence. Trent Thorburn, 20, confessed to having sex with the ... read more

George Michael’s moving final tribute to Brazilian lover

George Michael will speak about the death of his first love from an AIDS-related illness as part of a Channel 4 documentary on the tragic star. Brazilian design... read more

Leeds mother loses half of her face to flesh-eating bug

A mother-of-three had half of her face sliced off after developing a potentially deadly infection after whacking her head on her oven. Donna Corden, 46, of Leed... read more

Girlfriend of Twin Peaks’ Jeremy Lindholm made 911 call

The girlfriend of Twins Peak actor Jeremy Lindholm told police they should bring ‘tasers and tranquilizers’ to take down her boyfriend. TMZ obtained... read more

Fears grow for missing Rochdale teen, last seen a week ago

Chloe Campbell, aged 17, was last seen in Rochdale town centre last Saturday  Greater Manchester Police say she is understood to be with a man in his 30s Teena... read more

Widower didn’t want to know how long dying wife had left

A devastated widower is carrying on his late wife’s campaign for life-enhancing drugs to be made available to all terminal cancer patients has opened up a... read more

Driver caught reversing down Toronto motorway

This driver has really backed himself into a corner. A video shot from a balcony above a Canadian motorway shows a car reverse over a hundred metres to get back... read more

Cambridge don, 26, is cleared of assaulting PhD fiancee

Matthew Grant Baron (pictured) has been cleared of assaulting his fiancee A Cambridge PhD student has been cleared of assaulting his fiancee after he broke off ... read more

Doctors reveal the most DANGEROUS sex positions

A penile fracture occurs when the appendage is subject to a sharp, blunt force trauma, which can occur during vigorous intercourse or masturbation. Since 1924, ... read more

Explosion on underground train in west London

Terrified commuters have ‘run for their lives’ after an explosion on a London Underground train this morning.    People fled in panic after a R... read more