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Police think Vegas shooter may have had exit plan

  • Stephen Paddock led a secret life and spent decades acquiring ammunition
  • Editor-at-Large Piers Morgan weighs in on the Las Vegas shooting and the Kim Cattrall ‘Sex and the City 3’ uproar 
  • Megyn Kelly described as a $69 million mistake in a DailyMailTV exclusive
  • DailyMailTV exclusive: Madonna may have visited Tupac Shakur in jail
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His scheme was so elaborate, police say Stephen Paddock would have had to be a superhero to pull this off. They have reason to believe the Las Vegas shooter wanted to survive the attack and flee justice and may have had an accomplice. New details reveal he was collecting weapons and ammo for decades and may have first planned to attack Chicago’s Lollapalooza festival in August that was attended by Malia Obama. 

Police have lowered the injury count in Las Vegas from 527 to 489 after confusion at hospitals. Dr. Phil went to Las Vegas for a special episode of his talk show airing tomorrow. He’s giving DailyMailTV a peek as he talks with survivors at Las Vegas hospitals. 

The mystery military man in one of the most haunting images from the Las Vegas massacre has been revealed. Get the story behind this photo and the heroics he pulled off after this moment.

Some NBC insiders are calling it a $69 million mistake. A DailyMailTV exclusive puts Megyn Kelly’s salary well above some of NBC’s biggest names, and now the backlash begins. 

She won’t say if she did or didn’t, but Madonna may have visited rapper Tupac Shakur when he was in jail. A DailyMailTV exclusive offers details about this possible prison meeting as a note from Tupac to the material girl goes up for auction.

Two high school juniors are running for governor in Kansas and they’ve caught the attention of the frontrunner. Meet 16-year-olds Jack Bergeson and Tyler Ruzich. They’re on opposing political tickets and are ready to lead their state.