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Poodle in China grabs a toddler’s electric scooter

  • It was filmed in Changshu in eastern-central Jiangsu Province on September 9 
  • A toddler struggled to operate an electric scooter when the dog saw its chance
  • It grabbed the handlebars, jumped aboard, and rode away like a proper biker 

A poodle has been filmed grabbing a toddler’s electric scooter and riding away on it in China.

The video, filmed in Changshu in eastern-central Jiangsu Province on September 9, shows the toddler girl trying to work out how to use her electric scooter. 

However, a school-bag wearing poodle muscles in. 

The confident canine walks up behind her, gets onto the scooter and succeeds where the toddler failed, resting its front legs on the scooter’s handle bars and riding away like a natural born road-hog.

The girl chases behind the dog and even tries to tap the dog on the shoulder to stop but the dog is having way too much fun to obey.

The poodle was so good at riding the electric scooter that it moved off quickly, leaving the child trailing behind

The poodle saw its chance while the toddler was struggling to work the scooter and jumped on

The little dog was having too much fun to stop  and it just kept going while the child gave up on her pursuit

The little girl ran after the road-hog dog and tried to tap it on the shoulder to stop it (left). But she soon realised that her efforts were pointless and she turned to call for adult back-up


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