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Roseanne Barr backlash amps up over her embrace of a gender non-conforming grandson

Two days after her show returned to the airwaves, Roseanne Barr and her eponymous sitcom are still dominating the conversation and dividing opinions on social media.

The biggest debate seems to be over the show’s decision to depict the Conner family matriarch and her husband Dan as pro-Trump, but also show them supporting their young grandson who is gender-nonconforming.

Dan struggles with this more than Roseanne, who in once scene sits down and talks with the young boy about his choice of dress before making a speech in front of his class meant to ensure that he is not subject to bullying from his peers.

That move angered some, who found it to be hypocritical and unrealistic that a character could support Trump while still embracing their gender-nonconforming family member. 

Ira Madison expressed his issues with that storyline, and other facets of the show, in a lengthy thread on Twitter.

‘Ah, a Trump voter who has the compassion to protect their gender fluid grandson at school but also doesn’t care about Trump’s LGBTQ rhetoric is a sh***y person and also a fantasy.,’ wrote Madison at one point. 

That comment was made in the wake of an interview Barr did with The New York Times.

When Barr was asked by the reporter how she could align herself with Trump given the fact that his stance on ‘abortion rights, same-sex marriage rights, and labor protections’ differed from both her own and her character’s, she shot down that claim.

‘He doesn’t oppose same-sex marriage,’ stated Barr.

‘He doesn’t favor it. He has not come out in favor of it,’ responded the reporter.

‘He does. Yes, he does. He has said it several times, you know, that he’s not homophobic at all,’ said Barr.