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Shocking video of bully battering an autistic schoolboy released by the victim’s disgusted mother

Shocking video of bully battering an autistic schoolboy, 14, is released by the victim’s disgusted mother after boxer attacker was let off because he wrote victim a LETTER saying sorry

  • Teenage boxer landed seven punches on autistic Mackenzie Mealor in attack 
  • Youths lured him to Ellesmere Port station where the youngster was then beaten 
  • Bully’s attack took place in front of 30 witnesses, some of whom were filming
  • Outraged mother Kim Mealor has shared shocking footage of last year’s beating  

This is the shocking moment a teenage boxer battered an autistic 14-year-old as laughing friends filmed the sickening attack.

Harrowing footage recorded by an onlooker shows Mackenzie Mealor being brutally assaulted after he was ambushed outside a train station.

The youngster was left with a swollen jaw and bruising all over his body after the bully landed seven heavy punches.

Mackenzie’s mother says that her son was lured to Ellesmere Port Railway Station before being set upon by the bully as a group of 30 youths egged him on.

Police spoke to the attacker, deciding the best punishment was to make him write a letter of apology.

Kim Mealor, 33, slammed the decision to let the culprit off ‘scot-free’ as her son now suffers from anxiety attacks and nightmares.

The 14-year-old swings for Mackenzie Mealor in shocking footage of the attack at Ellesmere Port train station 

The beating was captured in mobile phone footage as about children stood around watching the attack and encouraging the bully

The beating was captured in mobile phone footage as about children stood around watching the attack and encouraging the bully

The mother-of-three, a care worker from Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, said: ‘After it happened my son came home and he was in a right state.

‘The lad had threatened to bully him nearly three weeks before this happened. When I saw the video was posted on Facebook I was disgusted.

‘He was with a group of so-called friends that lured him down to Ellesmere Port Railway Station.

‘That’s when the lad just turned up and set on him – the other group are all from another school.

‘He’s not eating properly and that’s having a knock-on effect with the medicine he’s taking for his condition – it beginning not to work and it’s making him poorly.  I’m having to take him to see a paediatrician, its having a massive impact on his life.

‘We we told the police about what happened and they said they would get him done for a Section 39 assault – but nothing has happened.

‘One of them said ‘kids will be kids’- so all we got was this letter of apology. This lad’s just going to go on bullying people, he shouldn’t get away with what he’s done.

‘That boy deserves to have been hauled in front of the youth court to receive a proper punishment. Otherwise he knows he can get away with this sort of behaviour.

The bully pulls back to strike his victim again

The boy punches Mackenzie in front of about 30 children

The bully strikes his autistic victim, landing blow after blow at Ellesmere Port station after luring him to the scene 

‘I’m absolutely fuming about this and I want him to be taught a lesson. I work with people with dementia and disabilities, so this makes me so angry.

‘I just want him to know that he can’t go around hitting people with disabilities, knowing they won’t fight back.’

It is understood the 14-year-old has been kicked out of his boxing club because of the attack.

It took place at around 3.45pm on November 18 last year, but footage has only recently surfaced.

A spokeswoman for Cheshire Police has defended its actions describing the outcome as ‘fair and proportionate’.

A force spokesperson said: ‘Officers from Ellesmere Port Local Policing Unit have spoken to all those involved in the incident and, as part of ongoing enquiries, a 14-year-old boy has voluntarily attended a police station where he was interviewed under caution. The teenager has subsequently admitted his part in the incident.

‘Following a thorough investigation and, having consulted with a number of partners in the criminal justice process, we have reached what we believe is a fair and proportionate outcome in this particular case. We have spoken to everyone involved to ensure they have been kept fully updated.

‘Cheshire Constabulary takes any allegations of assault seriously and all incidents that are reported to us will be investigated thoroughly and appropriate action taken where necessary.’



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