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Six Reasons Why Your Car Is Not Starting

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You never realize how important something is until you miss it, and this is the deal with your car. Having to drive your kids to school and drive to work, among other places, may seem appealing until you find that your vehicle cannot start. That is one thing that almost every car-owner has experienced at some point. Additionally, seeing that your car cannot begin is not only frustrating but also inconvenient. That is especially if you do not have spare parts such as those in TDot performance parts company to help repair your car. Luckily, by understanding some of the reasons why your vehicle may fail to start, it is possible to evade or know how to fix it. Below are some of these reasons why your car is not starting.

Dead Battery

One of the most common reasons why your car won’t start is a dead battery. The car battery is what your vehicle uses to provide electrical power to all the parts needing the power. For this reason, if the battery is dead or insufficiently charged, then there is a high possibility that the car will not start. You can tell when the battery is dead if the battery light is on or if other electrical components such as lights and radio are not working. In this case, consider jump-starting the car or replacing the battery. It is most advisable to contact a technician to help ensure that this is done professionally.

There Is A Problem With The Alternator

The alternator is the part that helps charge the battery. For this reason, if the alternator is not charged, then the battery is not charged, and the car cannot start without the battery. To know whether the alternator is the problem, you can check to see whether there is a worn or spilling accessory drive belt. Additionally, if there is a problem with the alternator or the belt breaks, then you are more likely to get a warning light. Other warning signs that will show you that the problem is with the alternator are such as dimming headlights or a cranking starter, among others. Contact your mechanic as soon as possible to get this repaired.

Fuel Filter

Fuel is the air that your car needs for it to move. In this case, the fuel that you use has to be clean for it to be effective. There is a possibility that you have debris collected from the petrol station and later to the tank of your car. The waste will later get sucked up into the engine, making the engine stop. In this case, to help prevent this debris from clogging parts of the car, then you will need to consider using some fuel filters. That means that if there is a problem with your fuel filter, then the escaping debris could end up wreaking havoc on different areas. Foreign objects can block the flow of fuel in your engine. Therefore, ensure that you change your fuel filters as soon as possible, especially if you drive on dirt or gravel.

Problem With The Security System Among Other Electronics

Problems with the security system or other electronic issues are a common reason why your car may fail to start. That is if you are driving a keyless vehicle. Trying to get the problem of this car on your own will end up causing more harm than good. As soon as you suspect a problem, contact a mechanic to help identify even the smallest tic in the system. This way, they will help advise accordingly and get your car working within a short time without causing any more trouble.

Empty Gas Tank

Letting your gas levels get too low is more often than not embarrassing. However, in some cases, a lower gas level is one of the reasons why your car fails to start. For this reason, to help avoid such a situation, ensure that there is always sufficient gas in the gas tank before you park your car. That is especially if you are parking the vehicle outdoors or in the cold winter weather. The low temperature could cause the air in the tank to moisten or freeze. If little gas in the gas tank is the reason why your car cannot start, then you can go to the nearest gas station with a can and collect the gas that will help your vehicle ignite. If this still does not work, then contact a mechanic for advice on the best way forward.

Getting in your car only to realize that it cannot work is something that most car owners face from time to time. Luckily, if you know the reasons behind this, you can avoid them and evade such inconveniences. The above are some of these reasons.