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Supermodel Gigi Hadid’s Simple Cooking Hack: Shan Seasoning Mix

Leisurely weekends are perfect for cooking: Simmering pots on the stove, a fresh homemade loaf in the oven, hours spent enjoying a meal together around the table. But the reality of our daily lives looks a bit different, and spending so much time in the kitchen on workdays or schooldays isn’t ideal (or even an option) for a lot of families. That’s when simple go-to meals come in handy.

Turns out, easy, flavourful meals are also on the table for supermodel Gigi Hadid and her partner, British-Pakistani singer Zayn Malik, who just had a baby.

While Hadid is a great cook (and even won U.S. Celebrity MasterChef), she also knows when to Shan masala it. That’s right, the celeb supermodel has a gorgeous spice collection, including a not-so-secret spice mix that is pretty much guaranteed to make any recipe pop: Shan’s seekh kabab seasoning mix. She recently shared an Instagram story of her spice cupboard, and we spied the go-to South Asian spice on her shelf.

Shan Masala found another Ambassador @GiGiHadid and another story to spread their Pakistani Masala to the entire world. #GigiGotShan & Rahat Usama (@rahatusama) December 30, 2020

The Desi community was also quick to point out that she labelled her cumin seeds as “jeera” and her turmeric as “haldi.” She knows her stuff!

Spotted Shan Masala In American supermodel Gigi Hadid’s Kitchen. It’s a huge thing for Pakistan! #GigiGotShan &; S O H A I L👓 ( سہیل) (@Msohailsays) December 30, 2020

South Asian cooking is often a labour of love. It’s not uncommon to buy whole spices to toast and grind manually for developing complex spice blends to use as the base for flavourful recipes. But let’s be real: between work, family, school and other life commitments, we don’t always have time for a multi-hour commitment in the kitchen. It’s no surprise that South Asian packaged spice blends are a billion-dollar industry. We love Shan’s spice mixes because they offer convenience for home chefs without compromising on quality or flavour. Obviously, the gorgeous, rich, famous people among us agree.