The Perfect Winning with Call of Duty Warzone

Warzone has as many differences as it has similarities to the battle royale games you might be used to. That in fact, along with teamwork and communication, is Warzone’s third golden rule: give yourself time to master the shooter and your mobility and to develop your sense of direction on the map and above all to know the unique mechanisms. Try, experiment, fail and try again. Deliberately dives into the harshest, densely populated areas with no ambition to win. Do this until you’re all set for that and now let’s get down to business. A golden tip: a patient teammate who gives you practical lessons.

Where to parachute?

When it comes to loot, there isn’t really a drop zone that stands out. Okay, there are about 20 well-spaced locations where the concentration is a bit higher, but the choice of where to drop will be determined by how comfortable your team feels in a certain place to drop in. beat for these first five minutes. Or how to survive those first five minutes without confrontation, discreetly collecting money. Just as important as where you are dropped is the speed and accuracy of the drop, with an idea of how many other players drop nearby. You can also make use of the warzone cheats there.

Confusion of purchase

First of all, you can trade materials and money between yourselves. Maybe you and your teammate individually don’t have enough money to redeem that fallen third, but you might have enough together. Redeeming a teammate is always your number one priority. Then a self-raise follows, and then a load out with a ‘ghost perk’ and maybe a sniper with thermal range, then a set of armor plates and then it depends. Personally, we prefer a UAV reconnaissance drone. Don’t make your ball, but spend your pennies when you can, because when you are down, you lose it.

Need cash?

Unlike many battle royale games, you’ll be collecting good gear relatively quickly that you can play with until the end of the battle. Money is the only reason to comb through the map for anything other than enemies. Earn money faster with contracts. The riskiest but the most profitable is the bonus, which will make you hunt down another team. Dangerous, but you immediately know where another team is in your neighborhood. In the initial phase, when players are usually a bit further away, the bounty and claw back contracts are definitely worth the effort.

Cheating in the gulag

It often happens that you are broke with another teammate. In this case, you end up in the gulag together. This sometimes allows you as a spectator to inform a member of your team of their opponent’s position. As a player, it’s worth not moving forward immediately and waiting a few seconds before you can throw your grenades. The glide avoids the standard headshot height your opponent keeps their visor ready.

Master parachutist

Try to master this parachute. There are alternate between free fall to make yourself less vulnerable and moments of gliding to give you direction. You can also alternate continuously. In many cases, a short parachute jump from a rooftop or higher position is a better option than looking for the stairs.

The gas killer

The shrinking gas circle decreases more gradually than in other battle royale games, but going outside the circle will take you a lot more damage. A gas mask is a must, but its lifespan is also terribly short. Continuously navigating in and out of the circle is therefore less obvious in Warzone. Staying clear is a useful high risk, high reward tactic. Oh yeah, don’t use self-resuscitation if you’re shot in gas unless you’re near the safe zone. Otherwise, it is a waste. It will be hoped that a good race in the gulag occurs or that a teammate redeems you.

Spot and shout

Loadout drops and purchase stations are attractive places, but that also makes them perfect ambush zones. Don’t rush into it, no matter how much money you have to spend or how hard you look for “your” sniper in that loadout. Explore the surroundings, launch a drone in the air, have a teammate wear a heart rate sensor, and at worst, ambush a member of your team who looks like the only survivor ‘a decimated team. There is more seasoned player who has already looked death in the eye. As the popularity of Call of Duty: Warzone continues to climb, new players keep flocking to this promising new battle royale.

Know where to land

Before the fighting and exploration even begins, you still have to choose a place to land on Verdansk. Such a choice will depend on your preferences whether you just want to survive as long as possible, in which case you will have to opt for remote areas or if on the contrary you want to play it all for everything from the start.

Verdansk mapInfinity ward

For the sake of risk, you can choose places like the Superstore or Boneyard, often very chaotic or even the TV Station or Downtown which are known to be very busy but this will be at your own risk.

You need to focus on loot areas like Prison, Lumber, and Farmland can be good places to start. They offer many possibilities while leaving you with loopholes. And for lovers of compromise, Storage Twon and the Airport are places where you can loot while brawling with other squads. Why choose when you can do both, right?

Equip yourself well

Surviving is one thing, but we must admit that the task is much more complex if you do not have the right tool to do it. Again, it will depend on your preferences, but there are some safe bets all the same.

Dexerto or Infinity Ward

In Warzone it is possible to bet on different strengths, the general strategy is to set your sights on Overarmament preferably with Cold Blood and Boost in order to be able to count on 2 main weapons, later you can adapt your strategy by taking Phantom instead of Surarmement, just to put the odds in your favor by becoming undetectable.

Players can be relatively inventive with their equipment. For example, some will prefer an equipped M13 to more standard weapons like the M4A1 and Grau, while most opt for an assault rifle, with the Grau and M4-A1 being the most popular and versatile choices.

For fans of remote dating, the HDR and the AX-50 are safe values. And as for the SMGs, you can go with your eyes closed for the MP7 and MP5, but be careful to reopen them during your first skirmishes.