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Things to Know Before Hiring a Moving Company

Moving to a different place comes with a large amount of stress and hassle. If you have been living in a place for a while, but now you have to move, you’d think you can handle packing up the stuff. However, it is not as easy as it may seem. If you do not want to end up with damaged articles, we suggest you hire professional movers. They have the experience and resources required to ease up your moving process. Relying on movers is the best thing you can do when you have the stuff to pack, transport it to another city and then assemble it in your new home.

Indeed you could just get your friend or family members to pack up your material for almost nothing, but it will still be a back-breaking task, and then there is the risk of getting your prized possessions damaged. Therefore, it is better to leave it to the hands that know how to do it.

If you head to Google to look for movers around you, you will find a long list of packers and movers around you. Also, you will come across many horror stories about how people got scammed in the name of extra charges. Yes Movers suggest the following tips to ensure that you choose the right company:

Choosing the right moving company

1. Get Recommendations from People You trust

Google is not the most reliable place to put all your trust in a company. Obviously, there are several companies that are using paid reviews to increase their ratings. You should start with your friends and family. Ask them for recommendations if they know any movers who are actually good at the required task and guarantees satisfaction. If someone you know has recently relocated, ask them how their experience was with the movers. For instance, if any they were imposed with unexpected fees or some other points that you should know. Also, there may be someone who had a pleasant experience with a relatively new company which lacks a web presence.

2. Check Online Reviews

Once you have asked around and got names of a few companies, go online and look for online reviews. When someone has had either a wonderful experience or a really bad one, they tend to leave a review online to let other people know about the quality of services. You can also look at their Twitter handle and see if they have any complaints against them. Additionally, You can read reviews about moving companies on sites like Findamover to learn about others’ experience with a company. It will give you an idea about what you need and which companies are suitable for you.

3. Look at the track record

Where going with a new company may seem like giving a leg up to it but a company with an experience of a few years is more of a safer bet. Looking at what you find about a company online, you can get a general idea of its record of punctuality, rates, fair business and management. Unless you have a strong recommendation of a new company from a trustworthy person, stick with the ones that have been in the game for a while.

4. License and Insurance

Before hiring a company, ensure that it is licensed and insured. Anyone can buy a truck and hire two labourers and act as a moving company, but if they are not licensed and insured, there is no guarantee they are able to handle your goods and are not legally bound to protect your property. You can search the Australian Furniture Removers Association database to see if the company is licensed or you can ask the company representative to produce the license.

5. Rates Transparency

While contacting the lawyer, they will suggest the number of movers you will need and the number of hours it is going to take. However, keep in mind that this is not the final price, and it can increase with the additional packaging materials and the extra price for large and heavy objects. Moving companies can’t give you an accurate estimate over the phone, but a general idea of how much it might cost you. Make sure you clear up with them if there will be any extra fee and if the company is not clear about their fee structure, move on to another company.

6. Compare your Requirements

Every move is different and has different requirements. Make sure you hire a company that can adapt to all of your needs, whether you are moving a mansion or an apartment. Think about all your requirements and list them. When contacting the company, ask the right question to know if you are picking the right company for moving. Given below are a few things that you should consider:

  • Does the company have a moving truck of the appropriate size to accommodate all of your furniture and boxes without causing any damage to your property?
  • Will the company be available at the time suitable for you and guarantee pickup and delivery as per your convenience?
  • Will the company be providing additional packaging supplies?

7. Steer Clear of Rogue Movers

Moving company fraud is quite rare, but it is nothing unheard of. To safeguard yourself against them, check if they have an active license. Look for their past records and visit their office to see the way they function. Moreover, stay away from any mover that demands a deposit, especially if they are asking for more than 20 per cent. You can verify it by looking into an official database.

There are hundreds of moving companies in Melbourne, and the competition is really tough. Make sure you keep these tips in mind while choosing a moving company for your next move.