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Trump says he doesn’t remember why he was on three-way phone call with Hope Hicks and Michael Cohen

October 8, 2016

7:20 pm. Hope Hicks calls Michael Cohen. Trump joins after 16 seconds. Call lasts approximately four minutes. Trump and Cohen usually spoke about once a month.

About 7:34 pm. Hicks and Cohen speak for two minutes.

7:39 pm. Cohen calls American Media Inc. exec David Pecker for thirty seconds. Calls back 4 minutes later.

About 7:43 pm. AMI exec Dylan Howard calls Cohen.

7:56 pm. Cohn calls Hicks. They speak for two minutes. Then Pecker calls Cohen.

8:03 pm. Cohen calls Trump. Call lasts eight minutes.

8:39 pm and 8:57 pm. Cohen calls Howard.

9:13 pm. Howard texts Cohen: ‘Keith will do it.’ Likely refers to Stormy Daniels lawyer Keith Davidson.

3:31 am. Cohen texts Howard: ‘Thank you.’

October 10, 2016.

10:58 Howard texts Davidson and Cohen that ‘client’ is ‘confirmed to proceed with the opportunity.’

12:25 pm. Davidson texts Cohen that deal needs to be closed ‘today.’

Same day: Daniels and Davidson sign ‘side-letter’ non-disclosure deal that lists pseudonyms Peggy Peterson and David Dennison for her and Trump.

October 13, 2016

8:54 am. Cohen texts Pecker.

9:06 am. Pecker texts Cohen.

9:23 am. Cohen emails First Republican bank employee with attachment to set up LLC.

10:44 am. Cohen emails another bank employee he needs to open account ‘immediately.’

October 17, 2016

Essential Consultants LLC is incorporated in Delaware

Davidson emails Cohen threatening to walk away from settlement agreement.

4:00 pm. Cohen calls Davidson.

5:03 pm. Cohen tries to call Trump.

October 25, 2016

6:09 pm. Howard texts Cohen.

6:10 pm. Davidson texts Cohen.

October 26, 2016

8:26 am. Cohen calls Trump. They speak for three minutes.

8:34 am. Cohen calls Trump again.

9:04 am. Cohen emails the person who incorporated two LLCs for him seeking ‘filing receipt.’ 9:27 am. Person transmits certificate of formation of company.

11:00 am. First Republic employee calls Cohen, and around that time goes to his Trump Tower office, which is located across the street from bank branch.

1:47 pm. Cohen calls Davidson.

1:49 pm. Davidson emails Cohen wiring instructions for funds.

Cohen transfers $131,000.

6:37 pm. Cohen texts Pecker.

Afterward Cohen calls and texts Howard and Pecker.

8:23 pm. Howard emails Cohen and Davidson ‘Confirmation.’

October 27, 2016.

Cohen pays Davidson $130,000 with funds intended for Daniels.

October 28, 2016.

11:48 am. Cohen speaks to Trump for five minutes.

1:21 pm. Cohen attempts calls with Howard, Pecker, and Davidson.

7:01 pm. Davidson texts Cohen that ‘all is AOK.’

10:30 pm. Cohen speaks to Hicks.

EC LLC and/or David Dennison reaches confidential settlement with ‘Peggy Peterson’ – Daniels – in exchange for $130,000.

Nov. 1, 2016.

Davidson transfers $96,645 to Daniels’ account.

6:14 pm. Davidson emails Cohen audio statement from Stormy Daniels undercutting another porn actress’ claim she had an affair with Trump.

7:05 pm. Cohen calls Trump. Cohen calls Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.

7:44 pm. Conway calls Cohen. Call lasts six minutes.

Nov. 4, 2016

7:33 pm. Using two cell phones simultaneously, Cohen calls Hicks and Davidson simultaneously.

8:51 pm. Cohen texts Howard: ‘She’s being really difficult with giving Keith a statement.’ Agent stipulates that ‘she’ refers to former Playboy model Karen McDougal, who also claims affair with Trump.

8:58 pm. Howard reassures Cohen about forthcoming Wall Street Journal that everything will ‘be ok pal.’

Cohen responds: ‘He’s pissed.’

9:03 pm. Hicks calls Cohen.

9:11 pm. Cohen calls Hicks.

9:15 pm. Hicks calls Cohen.

9:32 pm. Cohen texts Pecker: ‘The boss just tried calling you.’

9:50 pm. Journal publishes story about McDougal hush payment.

November 5, 2106.

Cohen texts Hicks story is ‘getting little to no traction.’ Hicks writes back: ‘Keep praying!!’

November 8.

Trump elected president.



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