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Two teens who snuck into Queensland from NSW coronavirus hotspot arrested at Noosa shopping centre

Two teenage girls who slipped into Queensland ‘from a NSW coronavirus hotspot’ are arrested at a Noosa shopping centre and sent to get urgent testing

Two teenage girls have been arrested at a shopping centre after they snuck across the New South Wales border into Queensland. 

The teens aged 15 and 16 were arrested at Noosa Civic on the Sunshine Coast on Monday before being whisked away to be tested for coronavirus.

Police said they had been looking for the teens for the last 24 hours in relation to alleged COVID-breaches after they crossed the border last Friday. 

They alleged the teens had been in Sydney prior to crossing the border before they were closed to all NSW residents. 

Two teens aged 15 and 16 are in custody over alleged COVID-19 breaches 

‘We became aware of two young ladies who have entered through Brisbane and have made their way to the Sunshine Coast,’ Superintendent Craig Hawkins told reporters on Monday.

‘These two ladies arrived in Queensland last week – prior to the border closures.

‘However they had come from a hotspot down in NSW.’ 

Multiple shops at Noosa Civic have been closed for deep cleaning as a precaution, sparking community alarm.

The teens are yet to be charged. 

Superintendent Hawkins said it was ‘likely’ the teens would have to go into quarantine.



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