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Understanding The Rental Property Market

Housing is one of the world’s most basic necessities that we all can’t do without. To meet this need, many people have invested in building rental properties which they hire out to provide affordable housing to the masses.

Unknown to many, though, is how the rental property market works and how it has evolved over the decades. It is important that you as a renter understand what’s happening in this sector.

To better understand the rental property sector, you need to familiarize yourself with the latest trends in this market. Here is a review of these current trends:

  1. The Renter Has Been Subjected To Change

What was considered to be the pattern of life was that an adult would first get a rental property as a temporary residence as he or she works towards owning a permanent home. Rental properties would therefore be occupied majorly by young people who had just ventured into living on their own.

What is being currently observed, however, is totally different. Owing to the tough economic times that have hit practically every part of the world, people today both young and old are forced to stay in rental properties for the rest of their lives because the dream of owning a home is almost impossible to achieve.

Studies as of July of 2020 have shown that 33% of the people renting homes are between the age of 30 and 44 years while 30% are between the age of 45 to 64 years while 15% are 65 years and above.

This goes to show that rental properties are in high demand now more than ever before and the rental property market is expected to perform exceptionally well in the future in terms of rental income.

  1. Technology Has Taken Center Stage

Technology has become more like the world’s middle name. It is practically available in every sector. From transportation to medicine to real estate, technology is here to stay and revolutionize how things are being done.

Some facets in the rental property market like a collection of rental payments, tenant-to-client communication, rental premise security, and service delivery are all being controlled by the latest technological advancements.

More technological amenities such as Wi-Fi, keyless door entries, air conditioning systems, and smart gyms are all being incorporated into rental properties.

With more people working now from home, technology continues to take the forefront in the rental property market in a bid to create more favorable systems that support the global shift that’s taking place.

  1. New Regulations For Rent Control

Most landlords in a bid to tap into the high demand for rental properties have ended up exploiting tenants with high rental prices. This has led to governments and other key players in the rental market creating and passing legislation in a bid to regulate rental costs and ensure zero exploitation for both tenants and landlords.

  1. Increased Rental Incentives

Rental incentives are now shifting from the normal discount to the form of digital rewards. Online rewards such as e-gifts and installation of updated appliances are some of the attractive incentives being offered to tenants today.

You can tap into these incentives by sourcing a rental property online through trusted rental property marketing agencies.


Now you have an understanding of the rental property market and the current trends being seen globally. With the new dynamics in place, you can now shop for and rent residential property easily online.