Vacationer sparks debate after admitting she removed ALL the reserved towels from the hotel pool

Poolside revenge! Vacationer sparks a furious etiquette debate by admitting she removed ALL ‘reserved’ towels from hotel pool chairs after getting annoyed with people hogging spots

  • Redditor @konijn12 said she found it impossible to find any free sun loungers 
  • This was because ‘most spots were taken by towels’ but some were never used
  • To prevent chair hogging, she took the towels off every lounger 
  • It appears her tactic worked, with the user revealing: ‘By the end of the week a sign said unattended towels would be removed’

Things are heating up as we enter vacation season and the etiquette regarding beach towels on sunbeds remains a hot topic, as one holidaymaker’s recent Reddit thread proves.

Redditor @konijn12 revealed how on a trip to an all inclusive resort she found it impossible to find any free sun loungers by the beach or sea, as ‘most of the spots were taken by towels.’

To her frustration, she found many of the chairs stayed reserved ‘almost the whole day’ or ‘never got used’ and when she tried to take some towels off two loungers a couple showed up four hours later and ‘kick[ed] us off with help from an attendant.’

In an effort to combat the chair hogging, she decided to ‘take the towels off of every unattended lounger after breakfast.’ 

Redditor @konijn12 revealed says she found it impossible to find any free sun loungers by the beach or sea, as ‘most spots were taken by towels’ – so she removed them (stock image)


Do YOU think she was right to remove the towels?

She then went to ‘watch the chaos’ from her balcony. 

She said as a result of her antics, ‘many people complained and by the end of the week there was a sign that unattended towels would be removed.’ 

‘Success!’ she exclaimed. 

The Redditor’s vacation story quickly sparked a furious debate, with it accruing more than 900 comments. 

One commenter applauded her actions, writing: ‘I’m British and I endorse your petty revenge. Splendidly orchestrated might I say.’ 

A less supportive Redditor advised @konijn12 to pay some money and rent a cabana as this gives you ‘the freedom to leave it unoccupied for periods, rent a cabana.’

Many commenters shared their own sunbed hogging horror stories.

One said: ‘I live in Aruba and watch this insanity go on all winter. People get up at 4am to put towels on chairs and stand in line to reserve a palapa.’

Many Reddit commenters shared their own sunbed hogging horror stories (stock image)

Many Reddit commenters shared their own sunbed hogging horror stories (stock image)

Another holidaymaker reminisced: ‘Stayed at a hotel in Tenerife a few years ago and it was hotel policy for staff to remove towels/belongings from sun loungers after 30 minutes of obvious non-use. 

‘We had great fun every morning watching from our balcony as irate guests stomped over to a staff member to report their missing items only to be told what had actually happened!’

Offering a possible solution to sunbed hogging, one Redditor detailed a policy they witnessed at a hotel in Cyprus.

They explained: ‘The hotel did the lounge chair assignments every morning – two per room, and they rotated the “best” spots. 

‘No reserving them with towels, you literally had to go to the concierge desk and ask which two chairs were yours for the day. 

‘You might end up on the beach, or right next to the pool, or squished in next to a rock or the toilets. But you can’t complain because you’ll have different chairs tomorrow. Such a good policy!’

One traveler said they had never seen this ‘all-day towel dibs custom,’ with resorts in Mexico and Hawaii having a more civalized and relaxed approach. 

However, they said that a friend showed them YouTube videos of ‘Europeans doing this and it was crazy.’ 

They concluded: ‘I guess the hotels have a no dibs policy until 7am, and there’s a line of people waiting to claim a lounger. As soon as the clock strikes 7, there’s a bum rush and within seconds, every chair is spoken for. It’s wild!’