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What Makes a Good Outdoor Basketball Hoop?

If you are looking forward to offering your family and friends years of fun and rejuvenation at home, then adding an outdoor basketball hoop is one of those options. With the investment, basketball can turn into a family activity to be enjoyed as you unwind from your busy schedules. In addition to combating boredom as you bond with family and friends, an outdoor basketball hoop also provides a platform for exercising instead of zoning out in front of a screen. Furthermore, if you have children interested in basketball, having a hoop erected in their backyard or driveway could help them cultivate their skills in the game. Unraveled in the subsequent paragraphs are pointers to landing the best basketball hoop.

A backboard of the right size and material

The full-sized backboard leveraged in NBA is 72 inches wide and 42 inches higher. However, if you will be setting up your basketball hoop for recreational use on the driveway or somewhere in your backyard, you can consider a smaller backboard. The smallest backboard size is 48 inches wide, but 54 inches and above offers great comfort while performing bank shots. The most important factor to consider while choosing a backboard size is the playing area size.

On a different note, backboards are made of different materials including tempered glass, acrylic, polycarbonate, fiver glass, wood, and aluminum. Tempered glass backboards are the most expensive in the market since they offer high-quality performance. If you are looking for high durability and medium performance, then you could consider an acrylic backboard. On the other hand, if you are looking for something relatively low budget, then you can consider fiberglass, aluminum, or steel.

High adjustability and stability of the hoop

If you have both young and adult players experiencing the fun provided by basketball, it would be fair enough to invest in one of the Best In-Ground Basketball Hoops compiled by Iron City Showdown that can be adjusted to a safe height for the players. If you anticipate heavy or rough sessions, it is advisable that you invest in an in-ground hoop, made of robust material that can withstand dunking as well as wear and tear repeated use.  Unlike inground-hoops, portable types are made of lighter material that cannot endure heavy play.

The rim and the net

Every rim in the market is 18 inches, but the way they are attached to the backboard varies between a standard installation and a breakaway installation. The former is the most stable type but comes with the disadvantage of giving long rebounds. On the other hand, breakaway rims are engineered with compressions springs, which minimizes the bouncing of shots. They are also suitable for dunking since the spring mechanism prevents players from harm.

Accessories and safety features

Accessories such as backboard and pole pads protect players from injuries that can be incurred from sharp edges or the hoop’s hard steel pole. If you live in a busy neighborhood, ball netting could help keep the ball in the playing ground to thus preventing players from obstructing others going about their businesses. Not to forget are the LED hoop lights for keeping the court lit for night time sessions.