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Why You Should Wear an N95 Mask

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage across the United States and the world, leading to massive shutdowns and staggering death tolls, you may be wondering how you can better protect yourself and your loved ones until everyone is able to get the vaccine that they need to be safe.

One of the best-proven ways to avoid getting sick is to wear a mask at all times when you are outside of your home and not able to socially distance. While there have been some to question the impact of wearing masks, there is no doubt at all when it comes to the medical science behind the fact that masks simply protect people.

With that being said, not all masks are created equal. One of the top masks on the market is the n95 mask. Of course, the n95 mask has become somewhat famous over the last year due to the fact that medical professionals working on the frontlines of the pandemic have had trouble getting the number of masks that they need. Visit site to find the n95 mask for sale.

However, as the pandemic has continued, the n95 mask has become easier to get a hold of. For that reason, let’s go over the top reasons why the n95 mask is considered too valuable during this uncertain time.

What makes it different from other masks?

The n95 mask is considered to be the standard in the United States when it comes to masks that are able to filter out 95 percent of the very small particles that exist in the air. These particles include the breath droplets that can hold the COVID-19 virus. That is why they are typically worn by medical workers as well as employees who work in jobs that potentially lead to high exposure to the virus such as working in factories, grocery stores and more.

By comparison, surgical masks – which you certainly have grown accustomed to seeing over the last year or so – are made of nothing more than simple cloth. While n95 masks are meant to specifically help wearers stay protected from droplets in the air. On the other hand, surgical masks and more common cloth masks are intended to be worn to stop the spread of droplets.

If you’re still having trouble understanding the difference, consider this: n95 masks can keep someone safe even if no one else in the room is wearing a mask. Cloth masks, on the other hand, are only considered effective if everyone in the room is wearing them.

When should I wear an n95 mask?

Because n95 masks are still in thin supply, it is still encouraged that people only wear them if they are put in harm’s way due to the nature of their work. With that being said, if you are someone who is highly susceptible to COVID-19, you could absolutely benefit from having an n95 mask.

If you are looking to wear an n95 mask, but do not want to feel like a drain on the supply, consider owning a couple of masks and letting them sit for five days after use. After that amount of time, the virus is believed to degrade enough to the point that a mask will be safe to wear once again.