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5 Ways to Ensure Perfect Print From Cheap Canvas Printing Companies

Canvas prints are booming on the internet like crazy when it comes to home decor. During the pandemic, with people increasingly staying at home to avoid Coronavirus, they have shifted their sense of boredom and despair by decorating their living space in the best way possible.

Since the trend of adopting canvas photo prints has increased, the number of online photo printing companies dealing with cheap canvas prints has increased substantially. So now you have many choices on hand to make you even more confused to determine which company is right for you.

We bring you a few areas where you might want to keep an eye on when buying canvas prints online to differentiate from good quality with cheap:

Canvas material: Always opt for a 100% cotton canvas but rather a poly-cotton blend. This prevents discoloration and even improves the photos on canvas’s look by giving a better matte finish. Absorbent surfaces are not advisable unless you want to create a painting yourself. Plus, with a canvas that is 100% cotton, they do poorly if your environment is humid.

Canvas weight: Canvas wooden frames are usually heavy, depending on the size you ordered. Buying a thinner or lightweight canvas might lose tension and sag over time. Plus, the quality of your photos on canvas will also deteriorate a great deal along with it. While ordering cheap canvas prints, make your custom canvas prints semi-thick to ensure durability.

Archival Inks: Archival inks are such that they can stand against fading and weathering. So always ensure that the company you choose uses archival inks to print your canvas prints. These inks can stand up against fading and wear-tear for 75+ years. Many companies use cheap inks, so always read their item description on their website.

Frame quality: It is vital to keep in mind while buying cheap canvas prints that the kind of wood used is right. Suitable canvas frames use four pieces of pine wood to make the frames. So beware of companies that use any solid wood frames and claim it to be made in-house. Such wood frames, as declared for their durability by the companies, do stay tightened over time.

Lacquering: A lacquered canvas can take the durability and quality of it to the next level. A protective coating on the artwork helps your photos fight against UV fading, scuffs, and scratches if handled roughly, especially while shifting homes. Lacquer coating prevents prints from developing cracks on the edges of the frame and makes it easy for you to maintain their cleanliness with just a damp cloth.

If you are running tight on your home decoration budget and still opt for cheap canvas prints, make sure to follow this guide to be careful not to get cheated by phony online companies. Of course, if you consider checking out canvas prints from CanvasChamp, you wouldn’t have to go through such an ordeal to analyze and examine cheap canvas prints.