Australian Mother roasted on social media for taking her Kmart air fryer with her on holiday in Bali

‘We’ve reached a new low’: Mother is roasted on social media for taking her $69 Kmart AIR FRYER with her on holiday to Bali

  • A woman has come under fire on social media for going away with her air fryer 
  • She revealed how she’d travelled to Bali with the Kmart kitchen gadget in tow 
  • Snaps of her meal show she’d cooked a classic meat and three vege dinner 
  • Those who’ve seen her efforts say they’re shocked she’d cooked while on holiday

A mum who travelled to Bali with her Kmart air fryer in tow has been slammed on social media after revealing she’d used it to cook a classic meat and three veggie meal in the villa.

Photos showing her efforts consisting of a piece of cooked meat, potatoes, carrots and beans were uploaded to a Facebook roasts page by an anonymous user.

‘Our dinner in Bali yesterday. All cooked in my AF (air fryer), except the carrots and the beans,’ the mother captioned her snaps.

Hundreds who’ve seen the post have been quick to ‘roast’ the woman, with many saying they’re bewildered she’d spent time and money cooking while on holiday.

A woman recently revealed how she took her Kmart air fryer on holiday with her to Bali and made a three course meat and vege meal

The 3.2L air fryer is on offer at the budget retailer for $69

The 3.2L air fryer is on offer at the budget retailer for $69 

‘Possibly if you cannot live without meat and three veg on holiday, you should stay home,’ wrote one person.

While another added: ‘Why the hell would you? Holiday Bali. A thousand places to eat for cheap AF.’

Others also commented on the woman’s logic of taking the sizeable gadget on holiday to a country which offered a plethora of cheap meal options.

‘Why the f**k would you kart that when you could feed five people for less than the cost of that roast pork,’ asked one.

How does an air fryer work? 

* The air fryer works by circulating hot air around the food inside, much like hot oil surrounds food to cook it all the way through. 

* By doing this, the appliance is able to brown foods like potato chips, chicken, fish, steak, cheeseburgers, french fries or pastries using 70 to 80 per cent less oil than a traditional deep-fryer. 

Other cheeky commenters joked the woman’s ‘passport should be shredded’ along with adding she’d overstepped the line.

‘Man, I take my AF everywhere when I go away… within Australia. Brenda, that’s next level,’ quipped one.

‘Seriously Brenda… this is next level f****d up. Your passport should be shredded,’ said another.

The Kmart air fryer made headlines last year after thousands of shopper flocked to the budget retailer to purchase the $69 gadget.

The appliance became a hit after keen home cooks took to social media to reveal how they’d used the air fryer to create all manner of tasty treats. 

As well as being used to roast meat or create an at-home version of KFC chicken, while others were more adventurous using the device to make apple crumble or soft-boiled eggs.