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Michigan actress has surgery to stop time-bomb in brain

An actress has received lifesaving surgery to stop the ticking time-bomb in her brain that could have killed her at any moment – after months of misdiagno... read more

I’m worried my elderly mother is taking too many pills

Anshu Bhimbat from LloydsPharmacy in Buckinghamshire, answers your common medicine queries  As part of a weekly series, in association with LloydsPharmacy, Ans... read more

Fertility warning over cleaning chemicals

Chemicals in common household products could be making us infertile, scientists say. Hand wipes, disinfectants and mouthwash all contain ‘quats’ – qua... read more

Popular children are more likely to be anxious adults

It is the moral of Hollywood films from The Breakfast Club to Mean Girls. Now psychologists have agreed that it is better to have good friends when you are in s... read more

Desperate mum shaves off two-year-old’s blonde curls

Desperate to stop her two-year-old daughter from compulsively pulling out her own hair, a mother has made the heartbreaking decision to shave off her ‘bea... read more

Susie Burrell reveals fastest ways to lose weight

While you might be aware that fad diets are not always the answer for those who want to keep off weight, there are some ways you can quickly shed kilos – ... read more

Is ‘miracle’ cancer therapy all it’s cracked up to be?

Nigel Lewis-Baker is a busy man: he runs a charity, spends time with wife Janet, 71, and their eight grand- children and has a thriving social life. What makes ... read more

INVOcell mini-incubator may transform IVF treatment

A tiny incubator which nurtures developing embryos inside a woman’s body may prove an alternative to traditional IVF. The INVOcell mini-incubator, which is th... read more

Forget relaxing! What keeps you healthy is being busy!

Amid the hustle and bustle of our super-connected 21st century, we all dream of an easy life of leisure. But often that dream just keeps receding from our grasp... read more

New way to wipe out lifelong phobias – in just one session

Listening to birdsong, feeding the ducks, watching robins hop about in the garden, simple pleasures for many of us, but for Alisa Youngman it was enough to make... read more

Matt Dawson tells how a tick bite left him needing surgery

Matt Dawson thought his wife Carolin was worrying too much when she urged him to go to the doctor about an insect bite. ‘I thought it was nothing to get conce... read more

Secrets of an A-list body: Hugh Jackman 

Hugh Jackman is renowned for his honed physique and hasn’t let standards slip  The actor trains five days a week, often running 2km in seven minutes Foll... read more

Gemma Arterton reveals traumatic Hollywood weight loss

Her hour-glass figure is the envy of women across the UK. But Gemma Arterton has revealed Hollywood producers flew a personal trainer out to Morocco to ensure s... read more

Parents are failing to put babies to sleep on their backs

Fewer than half of US infants always sleep on their backs, the position doctors recommend to avoid sleep-related injuries and deaths, a study suggests. Research... read more

Dr Martin Scurr: Will my cooker stop a pacemaker working?

My wife is due to have a pacemaker fitted. But we’ve heard there’s a risk to it when using an induction cooker, and that she’ll have to stand 24 in from t... read more

Me And My Operation: Back implant that banishes pain

A new implant for patients with severe back pain can replace damaged bones in the spine and, unlike traditional surgery, doesn’t restrict movement. Mother-of-... read more

High-tech mat that detects foot ulcers before they develop

A high-tech bath mat takes just 20 seconds to spot dangerous foot ulcers weeks before they start to show. The device has temperature sensors that detect ‘hot ... read more

Young men are in their worst mood at around 2pm

If you’re a man and often find yourself in a grump in the afternoon, then there’s good news, as a new study suggests that you aren’t alone. Sc... read more

Chemicals from gut bacteria improve health in old age

Molecules made by bacteria in the stomach could improve quality of life during old age, a new study has found. Researchers proved that these molecules – k... read more

Louisiana boy delivers brother when mom went into labor

Jayden Fontenot (right) delivered his baby brother Daxx (center) after his mom Ashly Moreau (left) unexpectedly went into labor August 11 at his home in Sulphur... read more

NICE: Pedestrian crossing timings should be changed

Traffic should be held for longer at many pedestrian crossings to allow the elderly and disabled more time to get across, health officials have said. A draft gu... read more

Zika virus suppresses a pregnant woman’s immune system 

Last year’s Zika virus outbreak in South America led to babies being born with birth defects such as microcephaly – a condition which leads to an ab... read more

High blood pressure is on the rise in children and teens

More children and teens will be diagnosed with high blood pressure, experts have warned after new studies revealed 3.5 percent of American youths have it. Exper... read more

Menopause aid liquorice can interfere with medications

Women who take trendy liquorice pills to help take the misery out of the menopause have been warned they can interfere with other medication, a new study has fo... read more