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Health disparities in Appalachia are growing

The 25 million people who live in the Appalachian mountains are in worse health than all other Americans in almost every way possible, a new study shows. Public... read more

Mother-of-two’s leg weighs an astonishing 132lbs

A woman’s leg has swelled to enormous proportions in a potentially-deadly condition.  Rezia Begum’s, 40, right leg weighs around 132lbs (60kg) due ... read more

Walking can improve mood due to our hunter-gatherer roots

The mere act of putting one foot in front of the other for a few minutes can significantly boost our mood, a study has discovered. And it doesn’t matter w... read more

Newcastle student chose fitness over partying to bulk up

A student desperate to look like a catwalk model swapped her excessive workouts and calorie counting for more food and muscle building exercises to bulk up R... read more

Indian boy’s shoulder was pierced by a 12-inch-rod

Doctors in India have successfully removed a 12-inch iron rod from a boy’s shoulder after he fell while playing at school. Lalit Kumar, 12, from Greater N... read more

Woman was bullied for a birthmark that covered 80% of her

A woman cruelly nicknamed a ‘monkey’ by bullies has learnt to embrace a huge birthmark that almost covers her entire body. Beatriz Pugliese, 22, fro... read more

Grandad who lost 13st is Slimming World’s Man of the Year

A grandfather has lost 13st 7lbs after being mortified to discover he was too big to fit in a plane seat – and now he’s been crowned with a prestigi... read more

Albany woman sheds 196lbs and friends don’t recognise her

A woman who gorged on three huge evening meals every day has completely transformed her body after losing 196lbs (14st). Erin Hulick claimed she had no idea she... read more

First health app checks glucose levels without blood

The world’s first health app could monitor people’s glucose levels without breaking the skin – a development which has been described as the &... read more

Woman almost lost her sight after SCRATCHING HER NOSE

A mother-of-two almost died after scratching her nose caused a life-threatening infection that ravaged her face. Anita Clark, 50, was terrified when her face do... read more

Woman has overcome her steroid cream addiction

A woman has confessed to being addicted to steroid creams that left her virtually skinned alive, ‘looking like a burns victim’ and in too much pain ... read more

Lithium in tap water may lower the risk of dementia

People with higher levels of lithium in their drinking water have a lower risk of developing dementia, new research suggests.  Lithium – currently used a... read more

Woman loses third of weight for daughter’s birthday

An Australian woman has revealed how she lost a staggering 67 kilos, after vowing to become a ‘new woman’ in time for her daughter’s birthday.... read more

Trinny Woodall uses needles to lose weight

She was once so slender she was dubbed ‘Skinny Trinny’. Now Trinny Woodall appears keen to regain her former super-slimline physique after embarking on a co... read more

HIV/AIDS is no longer the leading cause of death in Africa

HIV/AIDS is no longer the leading cause of death for people in Africa, new statistics reveal.  The World Health Organization’s most recent data showed th... read more

McDonald’s to cut antibiotics from chicken supply by 2018

McDonald’s will begin curbing the use of the high value human antibiotics in its chicken supply across the globe in 2018, the fast food chain has announce... read more

New Milford man dies of tick-borne illness in Connecticut

A tick-borne disease killed a man in Connecticut after weeks of suffering from what he thought was a stomach bug. Michael Yoder, who lived in New Milford, died ... read more

Mothers urge parents to give kids meningitis B vaccination

Two mothers have made it their mission to spread awareness of a rare strand of meningitis after each lost a teenage daughter to the disease. The strand, called ... read more

Graphic shows the full procedure of nose job

In 2016, more than 200,000 Americans got a nose job. The procedure, a rhinoplasty, can be performed in many ways – from shaving down the skin to breaking ... read more

Dr Pimple Popper pops a cyst on a man’s forehead

The scalpel-wielding skin-popper is back with another video that is guaranteed to make your stomach churn. Dr Pimple Popper, or dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee, has... read more

Jennifer Medina on how to avoid the freshman 15

Most 18-year-olds have heard about the ‘freshman 15’ – the 15-pound weight gain people are said to be at risk of gaining during their first ye... read more

Vertigo sufferers should not be handed pills say scientsts

Sufferers of vertigo will know how debilitating it can be – and how frustrating it is when it persists. But if your doctor keeps sending you away with med... read more

Students must get meningitis vaccination before university

Students are being urged to get themselves vaccinated to protect against meningitis before starting university amid ‘rapid increases’ of cases of th... read more

Video of tick stuck in a patient’s ear

This stomach-churning footage shows a doctor removing a tick firmly embedded inside a patient’s ear. It has emerged a day after former England rugby capta... read more