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Recipe: White Wine and Mango Mousse

Recipe: White Wine and Mango Mousse   By Daily Mail Updated: 11:25 BST, 29 August 2017   Recipe: White Wine and Mango Mousse  Perfect for a special occasion,... read more

Tick bite put a fitness instructor in a wheelchair 

Only four years ago, superfit Lorraine Murray had completed four Olympic-length triathlons, ran her own businesses and was raising two children. But the ex-Army... read more

Wexford Size 26 cheese addict reveals 10-stone weight loss

A mother-of-three has revealed how her addiction to eating cheese saw her weight rise so much that she feared for her life – and was shamed into losing we... read more

MedExpress in talks to deliver morning-after pill by drone

MedExpress plans to use drones to deliver the medicines nationwide The service will be particularly useful for people living in remote areas A trial saw the eme... read more

Why arthritis sufferers shouldn’t take ibuprofen

Arthritis sufferers are at greater risk of heart disease and stroke if they take ibuprofen to dampen their pain, a study shows. The common painkiller, availabl... read more

Hospital to screen all newborns for genetic diseases

All babies born at one of Britain’s largest women’s hospitals could soon be tested for genetic diseases. A major project will screen the newborns fo... read more

DR MARTIN SCURR answers readers’ health questions 

My 60-year-old mother had a hip replacement in 2008, which is now causing her severe pain that gets worse by the day. Her surgeon said metal from the implant is... read more

Why you should let your children play with their food

Children are often chided for playing with their food at the dinner table. But an expert says this is exactly what they should be doing to get them to eat fruit... read more

British doctor found way to talk to vegetative patients

Patients in a so-called persistent vegetative state, caught between life and death, appear to be brain dead.  But are they? Their families often think they are... read more

How to live life according to your cycle ovulation

Ever wondered why at some points of the month you feel like going out and socializing with friends, whereas at others you’d rather curl up in a ball at ho... read more

Insurance companies are profiting from Trump’s threats

President Trump’s lack of action on the Affordable Care Act is forcing insurance companies to raise their prices. During the 2016 presidential campaign Do... read more

Made In Chelsea star’s doctors failed to spot MS

Sitting in a doctor’s surgery with her eldest daughter Anna-Louise by her side, TV personality Jane Felstead struggled to take in what the neurologist bef... read more

Mother speaks out on daughter’s nut allergy reaction

Having just diagnosed their toddler daughter Amy May with an allergy to nuts, the consultant was emphatic with his advice to Sue and Roger Shead. He said: ̵... read more

Being fit in middle-age is as good as exercising in youth

Getting fit in middle age halves the risk of suffering a stroke later in life, researchers have found. Scientists said it is never too late to take up exercise ... read more

Doctor shortage causes hospitals to use freelance workers

Hospitals are using freelance doctors to combat a shortage of thousands in the United States. The number of pay-per-hour doctors has doubled since 2002 to more ... read more

FDA seizes dangerous unapproved vaccine

Federal agents have seized a dangerous unapproved smallpox vaccine from one of America’s many stem cell clinics, amid a major crackdown on the ‘unsc... read more

Missing out on sleep causes people to take risky decisions

World leaders from Margaret Thatcher to Donald Trump have famously got by on just four or five hours of sleep a night. But science now shows someone with their ... read more

Calorie counts do not make people healthier

Calorie counts on restaurant menus do not inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle, scientists claim. New York City is currently marred in a court fight to ... read more

Yoga benefits the central nervous system and immunity

Yoga benefits the central nervous system, strengthens immunity and gives people a sense of focus, new research reveals. Practicing the ancient spiritual exercis... read more

ECSTASY could treat post-traumatic stress disorder

Ecstasy could one day be used as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  The illegal party drug, also known as MDMA, has been awarded ‘br... read more

Amputee who drank heavily aims for world marathon record

A fitness fanatic who was forced to give up running after a snowboarding accident has revealed he chose to have his injured leg amputated so that he could run o... read more

Baby with a TWO-INCH cavity in his skull was abandoned

An eight-month-old baby living with a two-inch deep crack in the top of his head has been abandoned by his parents and faces a race against time for life-saving... read more

Slimmed down Lisa Riley reveals her one weight loss regret

Her extreme exercise regime and strict diet will be documented on her new show, Lisa Riley’s Baggy Body Club. And the Loose Women star, who shed 12 stone... read more

Are health trends really good for you?

We’ve all been there: you took it too far last weekend, so now it’s time to be ‘healthy’. In 2017, that probably means turning to a gree... read more