Choosing the Right Towing Mirrors: What Should You Know?

When you are towing a caravan, it gets absolutely important that you can see what really is behind you. The law mentions you must be in a position to see along both sides and even four meters on either side at a distance of a minimum of twenty meters behind the driver.

Similarly, the mirrors should not project extremely far beyond the general width of the caravan, twenty centimeters or twenty-five centimeters, relying on when they were designed.

The great thing is that you have extendable towing mirrors from Sunyee that can get you a clear view of everything.

Remember that approximately all tow vehicles, including big 4x4s, are going to legally require towing mirrors to fulfill these requirements once hooked up to nearly any conventional caravan.

What to know about towing mirrors

Towing mirrors are somewhat extra rear-view mirrors having adjustable types of extensions that give you a view of what is really behind your trailer. But you know their importance simply cannot be overstated.

Your safety when you are driving on the road is much dependent on being in a position to see around and behind you and owning a trailer or even another vehicle taking up the view from the rear is going to create huge and even dangerous blind spots that your general rear view mirrors just can’t deal with.

Most of the towing mirrors you come across are adjustable such that you can easily get a clear view of the trailer that is attached to your vehicle, even if you are simply pulling a load that is quite a great deal wider than the width of your overall vehicle.

With a good set of extendable towing mirrors, you will be in a position to see the sides of your trailer and even what’s coming up behind it, which gives you a lot more data compared to depending on the diminished view that the factory side mirrors may give you in these conditions.

Types of towing mirrors you should know

There are different types that you should know so that you can make the right mirror choice:

Strap mirrors: Quite a popular choice with many types of caravanners even today. These mirrors are quite quick and convenient to fit.

Clamp-style mirrors: These are the most well-known choice as they offer exceptional stability and even are simple to attach. The mirrors themselves are available in diverse shapes, such as the teardrop or even the larger Milenco Grand Aero.

Suction mirrors: Specifically developed and designed to suction to the car mirrors and even can be adjusted by making use of the car’s own electric mirrors.

These do block out the overall part of the vehicle’s mirrors, diminishing overall visibility, and even stability can be a problem.


To sum up, once you have an effective and extendable towing mirror for your vehicle, you can be safer, more efficient, and effective at your driving. After all, if you are into professional driving, you do know the value of the right set of mirrors.

You cannot simply take them lightly or you might hamper your driving skills the next time you are on the road.