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How To Use Two Instagram Accounts on Single Android Phone

These days, more and more of our lives are lived on social media sites and one of the most popular has to be, without a doubt, Instagram. Dedicated to sharing images and videos with followers, friends, and family, it is the best platform of its kind. But what if you have two or more different groups of people that you want to share stuff with? Perhaps you have images that you only want certain people to see? Instagram only allows you to have one account but we found, not one, but three ways that you can have more than one account on your iPhone at the same time.

How to Install More Than One Instagram Account on Your Android Phone

There are three ways to do this, each of them different from the next; have a read through and then pick the one that suits you:

Method 1: Instagram++

Instagram++ is a modified version of the official Instagram app but with some extra added features that make it a much more functional app and provide you with much better user experience. The only way to install it is via an unofficial third-party app store called ACMarket. Alongside Instagram++, you will also get access to loads more unofficial, modified apps and games. Here’s how to get it:

  1. First, on your Android device, go to the official ACMarket website here – and download the app. Do NOT use any other link – this one has been verified as being safe to use.
  2. To install it on your Android phone you will have to enable Unknown Sources.
  3. Open ACMarket from your phone home screen and search for Instagram++ mod. Tap on the result and tap Install on the app page. Wait and it will be installed on your device.

Head to your home screen and you should now see the Instagram++ icon. You can set it up as a separate account and run it side-by-side with the official app.

Method 2: Parallel Space

This is the only “official” method here and it involves cloning the Instagram app. Parallel Space is an official Android app store app that is free for three days, after which it costs $9.99. And you must be running Android Pie or lower on your device.

  1. First, go to the PlayStore app store and search for Parallel Space; download it to your device.
  2. Next, open the app from your home screen. You will be asked to allow permissions for the app and these will include access to your microphone, camera, your storage and possibly your contacts too. The reason it needs that permission is that you can clone any social media app and some of those also require contacts access.
  3. When you have done all that, you will see all your installed apps in a list in Parallel Space; tap on Instagram and then tap on Clone App. Parallel Space will now clone Instagram for you and load it onto your home screen.

You can do this as many times as you want and have as many Instagram apps on your Android phone as you need. You can also clone any other social media app you use but be aware that, if you don’t pay for the app after the free trial, your clones will disappear.

Method 3: TutuApp

TutuApp is another of the unofficial third-party apps, an unofficial store that provides access to thousands of apps, games, and tweaks, all for free and mostly modified with new features. In TutuApp, you will find Instagram++ and a multitude of other Instagram versions. This way, you can download multiple versions and have as many individual accounts as you want:

  1. The first step is to download TutuApp so, using Safari browser on your iPhone (none of the other browsers work), download TutuApp from the official link.
  2. Next, open your Settings app and go to General>Profiles and Device Management. Tap the TutuApp profile and trust it; then you can close Settings
  3. Open TutuApp, search for Instagram and a whole list of results will appear. Tap on any one and install it; repeat for as many versions as you want on your iPhone

All three of these methods will allow you to have two or more Instagram accounts on your iPhone. You can log into each one simultaneously, without having to log out of the others and you can do all this without needing to install Cydia on your iPhone. All you need is sufficient storage space to run however many accounts as you want.

These are the only ways to do this; the official Instagram app doesn’t limit you to just one account but it requires you to log out of one before logging into a different account. Only Parallel Space is an official app, both TutuApp and ACMarket are unofficial and not supported by Apple or Google. However, you can still use them on your iPhone just by following our simple steps.

And, with both of those stores, you also gain access to more than 2,000 other apps, games, and even a few Cydia tweaks, all free to download and use.  Much of the content in both has been modified so it has extra features and more than one version of the Instagram app.

If you don’t want to go down the route of having to trust the app developers on your iPhone, you are better off sticking with Parallel Space but, don’t forget, if you choose not to pay for the app after the free trial you will lose all your cloned apps.

Try these methods and see which one suits you best and make the most of being able to have several Instagram accounts on your device.


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