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How to Utilise Fire Sliding Doors in the Workplace

They might be an overlooked and easily forgotten feature once a building project is finished but the doors that are chosen will play a vital part in the effectiveness of any building as a workspace, so finding the right ones for your business is pivotal. Fire sliding doors are sleek, simple looking features that keep you safe in the event of an emergency and provide practical entrance and exit points to rooms or the entire building. With the different variations available, you’ll be able to keep your building safe and efficient in every situation, so check out our guide to fire sliding industrial doors below!

What Styles Are Available


A simple, elegant solution, flush-stopping sliding doors like the ones available from the Hormann Industrial Doors range are great for giving a seamless finish to any room. The doors slide along unguided and intelligently close entirely flush thanks to the spring-loaded bolt, which fits into a groove and keeps the door securely closed. Without the need for a guide profile, the clear space around the door is completely free, giving you more space to utilise and a cleaner, more professional look to the room. These doors are only available in a single leaf structure, so bear this in mind if you’re looking for a door that’s more versatile and large enough to fill huge spaces.

Wall and Ceiling Recess Doors

Another intelligent space-saving design, these sliding doors actually retreat into your wall or ceiling for an entirely streamlined style. These doors feature a manually closing flap which covers the door once retracted to give an almost invisible look to the practical industrial door solution. Ideal as part office blocks or new buildings, these doors are also available to accommodate a telescopic style, as well as the usual single leaf and double leaf designs, which is capable of being used across larger wall spaces.

Multipurpose Sliding Doors

These are probably the most rounded and versatile style of industrial doors that you’ll find, working for almost any purpose and coming in the widest variety of different designs to suit any space’s needs. Whether it’s a single leaf, double leaf, or a telescopic door that you’re after, you’ll easily be able to find what you need with these multipurpose doors, which are available in internal and external specifications, as well as an aqua-proof version. This makes them safe, suitable, and effective as indoor or outdoor entrances and exits.

Wicket Doors

Wicket doors are a feature of the other styles mentioned – they are built into the larger sliding door as a more practical way to let people and smaller trolleys navigate around your premises quickly and efficiently without having to open a large sliding door. These doors can be completely fire and smoke proof, maintaining the safety requirements, whilst adding invaluable ease of use to the building. Wicket doors will also feature a sliding bolt lock at the top, which gives extra security in the event of an emergency.

Sizes and Design

The three main styles that you’ll find are single leaf, double leaf, and telescopic. The details of each are outlined below:

  • Single Leaf – A single continuous structure that has one opening point; these tend to be the smallest option and can be used as flush-stopping doors. Wicket doors can be fitted into single leaf doors to make access for people to move around.
  • Double Leaf – A larger, dual variation of the single leaf design; these doors have a central opening point between the 2 separate sliding doors, both of which can be manoeuvred to create the ideal opening. Wicket doors can be installed in any section of these doors.
  • Telescopic – A layered door that extends to create a full closure or opening in staggered stages; these doors are versatile options that open in sections, so you get a versatile door that can be used for segregating or opening up double rooms as larger spaces whenever required.

Each area and room is likely to have its own specific purpose or function – whether that be conference rooms or large warehouses, so utilising a combination of industrial doors throughout will allow you to get the most out of the space that you have at your disposal.