For every individual running an online brand, Digital Marketing and SEO are the main requirements. With the help of digital marketing, an individual is able to promote or advertise their business on the internet. SEO, on the other hand, takes care that your marketing strategy is successful by helping your website reach a group of potential customers and ranking it in the topmost results of the search engines.

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The two factors that are going to take your online digital marketing to the next level with maximum leads and potential customers are the- Online Campaigning and Online referrals. Both of them highly influence the SEO and Digital marketing of an online brand.

What is Online Campaigning?

It refers to the in-detailed approach taken in online business to achieve its online targets like Better brand visibility, promotion, driving new customers, increased user-interaction etc. The different types of campaigns beneficial for Digital marketing and SEO are-

  1. a) Social Media Campaign

Nothing is better than a Social Media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to gain audiences. From creative posts, videos to social paid advertisements, user interaction about your brand, their pain points, expectations, suggestions everything is covered in the social media campaign. It provides you the best opportunity to interact with the customers, build trust with them and gain plenty of new customers across the world.

  1. b) Content Marketing Campaign

A content marketing campaign helps in creating user-centric quality contents that answer all burning queries of the audience and gives them beneficial information about your brand. It can be Blog posts, ebooks, podcasts, videos, infographics anything. Make sure to include the SEO friendly keywords, Meta descriptions, titles, tags, so that it easily pops in organic search.  It helps you find the right customers who are actually interested in your brand.

  1. c) Email Marketing Campaign

This is an excellent way to generate sales leads and customers. Try to be clear about your business goals and then construct messages that can build customer trust. Don’t just state about products and offers, also include a bit of educational content about your brand and company. Use the best kind of marketing automation software and web analytics to track which customers are opening your emails and who are taking the maximum interest in your brand.

Online Referrals

It refers to the amount of web traffic or customers that is generated from a referral source. It is very important for SEO and takes place in the following ways:-

  1. Creating Backlinks

This is among the most effective methods of online referrals. Quality Backlinks of a website, webpage or blog that redirects customers to the main website of the brand, actually draws a lot of web traffic and potential customers.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

This is a very effective form of online referral for SEO. Here the affiliates maintain a website or blog and tie up with a company to promote their products and brands in the form or referral links or even direct selling from the affiliate website. In return, the company pays them a commission for each sales profit and the web traffic gained through their efforts.

  1. Pay per Clicks

This is another useful method to generate online referrals. If you fund Google for online advertisements, it covers a wide range of sources to advertise about your brand and also in the social platform, if funded separately for it. You need to pay Google for the no. of clicks generated from the funded amount.


The above-mentioned 6 procedures are the best kind of online campaigns and referrals you can undertake to improve the face of your digital marketing and SEO.