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Charity trustee, 20, died after morphine overdose

Luke Sharp, who was a children’s charity trustee in Rochdale, accidentally killed himself when he took the morphine A children’s charity trustee acc... read more

Newborn girl born with a giant red BALLOON-like growth

A newborn girl born with a giant balloon-like growth on her face could die unless she receives treatment soon, doctors fear. Angelica Hail Heachanova, eight day... read more

Dustin Martin’s grandmother has gotten a tattoo

Richmond Tigers superstar Dustin Martin is covered head-to-toe in tattoos. But on Friday morning his grandmother Lois Knight followed in Martin’s footstep... read more

Barcelona technical director ‘watches Anthony Martial’

Robert Fernandez did not attend Barcelona’s victory over Olympiakos this week  Instead, the Barca technical director flew to Portugal to see Manchester U... read more

‘Greedy’ gran jailed for trying to smuggle cocaine into UK

‘Greedy’: Grandmother Gillian Weldrick, 53, was set to make thousands by selling on £115,000 worth of cocaine  A ‘greedy’ grandmother ... read more

Is THIS Mexican boy the world’s fattest baby?

A Mexican baby boy weighs the same as a nine-year-old because he is constantly hungry. Luis Manuel, 10 months, from Tecoman in the western Mexican state of Coli... read more

Rich House Poor House family receive gift from millionaire

A father who appeared on Channel 5’s Rich House Poor House has paid tribute to a millionaire after he bestowed a generous gift on his family. Millionaire ... read more

Rich farmer beat his children after becoming embittered

A wealthy farmer who inflicted ten years of sadistic punishment on his children by electrocuting and kicking them with steel-toed boots has been jailed for four... read more

‘Disfigured’ grandmother has bra TATTOO after mastectomy

A grandmother who said she felt ‘disfigured’ following a double mastectomy, now shows her breasts to everyone – after having a bra tattooed across... read more

Kevin De Bruyne believes title race is not two-horse race

Manchester City currently top the Premier League table after stunning start Pep Guardiola’s side sit two points ahead of rivals Manchester United Tottenha... read more

David Davis to deliver Cabinet briefing on ‘no deal’ plan

David Davis is stepping up preparations for ‘no deal’ Brexit by briefing the Cabinet on the potential benefits. The Brexit Secretary is said to be p... read more

Hayden Christensen spends time with daughter Briar Rose

A month after their split, and Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson have worked out a way to co-parent their two-year-old daughter, Briar Rose. After a brief me... read more

Russian man gets ‘Nothing left to lose’ tattoo on his face

A Russian man who couldn’t get the phrase ‘nothing to lose’ out of his head decided the best way to clear his mind was to tattoo it across his... read more

One man dead after drive-by shooting at Melbourne store

One man has died after being shot in a drive-by incident at mechanics on Friday The two men were shot at in Melbourne’s west and found in a pool of blood ... read more

How long would it take a hacker to crack YOUR password?

Experts from have revealed how likely you are to be hacked Passwords such as 123123 and 987654321 take less than a second to decipher A memorable name, p... read more

Katy Perry gets STUCK on Saturn platform during TN concert

Katy Perry’s love of outlandish, elaborate stage props backfired Wednesday at her Nashville concert when she got stuck mid-air on a Saturn-shaped platform... read more

Thieves tried to steal Alzheimer’s sufferer’s life savings

Two men came to Alzheimer’s sufferer’s home in Surrey on October 12 They told him they were builders who needed paying and took £150 in cash Pair t... read more

Transgender woman spends $90k to look like a Bratz doll

A transgender woman has spent a staggering $92,500 AUD (£54,967) on surgery in her quest to look like a Bratz doll. Jolene, Dawson, 21, from Australia’s ... read more

Thieves stole Alzheimer’s sufferer’s life savings

By Richard Spillett, Crime Correspondent For Mailonline Published: 08:21 BST, 20 October 2017 | Updated: 08:26 BST, 20 October 2017 Police are hunting two ̵... read more

Straight A student kills himself because of ‘exam stress’

A heartbroken mother, who believes GCSE exam stress drove her 15-year-old son – an A* student – to suicide, is speaking out to try and prevent more ... read more

Shocking moment cop car rams ‘stolen’ car during pursuit

The shocking moment a police car crashes into ‘stolen’ car is caught on camera  A high speed pursuit through Perth’s eastern suburbs ended wi... read more

Yiota Kouzoukas, 29, shares snap of her tiny baby bump

Capturing a reflection of herself in the mirror, the photo seems like any other selfie. But Yiota Kouzoukas, from Brisbane, is actually six months pregnant in t... read more

Heiress, 20, smirks talking to police after killing five

A Ukrainian heiress who killed five people when she crashed into pedestrians after allegedly running a red light was seen smirking while speaking to police in c... read more

Sophie Monk hints Jarrod Woodgate is the winner

She spent the last few weeks in Thailand to ensure she didn’t spill the name of the winner. But Sophie Monk, 37, may have inadvertently given away the ide... read more