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Man dies after truck crashes into traffic near Berrima

A man has died at the scene after a B-double truck crossed into oncoming traffic on the Hume Highway on Saturday. Police report the incident occurred shortly be... read more

James Caspian attacked for transgender children comments

 No one could accuse psychotherapist James Caspian of being a bigot or prejudiced against transgender people. His LGBT — that’s lesbian, gay, bisexual ... read more

Actress rejected Weisntein says it ruined her, hubs career

Actress Alice Evans says Harvey Weinstein came onto her by suggesting they go to a bathroom so he could touch her ‘tits.’ She rejected the offer- an... read more

GOP staffer killed in sleep after being shot in Florida

A former GOP staffer was allegedly killed in his sleep by his roommate, Scott Waddell (pictured) A former Republican Party staffer who worked on Donald Trump&#... read more

Wine bottle labels determine which bottle we choose

French scientists found label colour is the biggest deal breaker in choosing wine Black is associated with earthy flavours, red with tangy and orange with flowe... read more

Polls show there isn’t a backlash against tech firms

If you go by headlines alone, it’s a tough time for the tech world, with claims of election meddling, massive privacy breaches and fears over just how muc... read more

Eva Green managed to escape from Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinsein sexually harassed French star Eva Green during a meeting at his suite in Paris. The Bond Girl, 37, managed to escape however after being summone... read more


Kate Beckinsale can always rely on family to bring a smile to her face. Hours after the film star disclosed that disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein tried to... read more

MIC’s Julius Cowdrey is spotted on dating app Bumble

He has been dating student Ella Wills for six months, since she joined the cast of Made In Chelsea earlier this year. And despite his happy relationship status,... read more

Northern Beaches mum confronts son over rape allegations

A Northern Beaches family was torn apart and forced to move after their 12-year-old son was accused of rape. The mother has revealed that when she spoke to her ... read more

Gold Coast woman earns $900 for Instagram posts

Crystal clear waters, ancient architecture and breathtaking sunsets are just some of the stunning landscapes that make up the mosaic of one lucky travel blogger... read more

Mysterious gravitational wave announcement on Monday

Scientists are set too unveil a mysterious study on Monday some say could be a new type of previously unseen gravitational wave. Scientists representing LIGO, V... read more

Communists spied on by MI5 are now senior Corbyn advisors

Communists who were once monitored by MI5 are now among Jeremy Corbyn’s most senior advisers, the spy agency’s former director-general said yesterda... read more

Larry Flynt offering $10M for information on Trump

Hustler Magazine founder Larry Flynt is offering a whopping $10million in exchange for information leading to the impeachment of President Trump Porn mogul Larr... read more

Joan Collins:Why I lost my part as Cleopatra to Liz Taylor

Shortly after arriving in Hollywood aged 21, under contract to 20th Century Fox, I attended a party at Gene Kelly’s house. The star of An American In Paris an... read more

Ofcom orders the BBC to cut repeats

The BBC has been all but banned from showing repeats or foreign programmes during the evenings as part of a major shake-up of TV rules. The broadcaster was accu... read more

People smugglers charging £6k to hide migrants in engines

People smugglers are risking the lives of desperate migrants by hiding them on top of the engines of cars and lorries. Criminal gangs were using the ‘extr... read more

‘Son of Concorde’ private supersonic jet takes to skies

It is a plane that could fly from New York to London in just three hours – and finally end the argument over who gets the window seat. A firm attempting t... read more

Driver crashes into Melbourne house as couple sleep inside

A reckless driver has fled the scene after crashing his car into a couple’s home in Melbourne’s south-east. The Noble Park couple woke at 2am on Sat... read more

Google to take on Facetime and add video calls to Android 

 Will start building its videoconferencing app, called Duo, into Android  Video call option will appear in Phone, Contacts, and Android Messages apps By Mark... read more

Gary Ablett Jr wanted to go home to be with sister Natasha

Tributes have poured in for Natasha Ablett, the eldest sibling of the famous football family, after she tragically lost her life on Thursday. Ms Ablett, 35, had... read more

Mother and son’s disastrous 58 hour journey from Alicante

A mother and son who were stranded in Alicante by Monarch have finally made it back to Britain via Barcelona, Majorca and Toulouse after a disastrous 58-hour jo... read more

Anna Wintour condemns alleged behavior of Weinstein

The fashion world has broken its silence on the mounting claims of sexual harassment and assault perpetuated by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. Anna Wintour, edit... read more

Venus Williams blames mystery 3rd driver for Florida crash

Venus Williams says there was another driver at least partially at fault in the fatal crash she was involved in that killed a 78-year-old man in Florida June. I... read more