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Friend of London Bridge attacker made Windsor Castle video

Shocking footage shows a jihadi linked to London Bridge attacker Khuram Butt driving around Windsor shouting ISIS slogans and threatening to topple a statue of ... read more

‘Phenomenal’ pill slashes heart disease deaths by 22%

A ‘phenomenal’ pill taken twice a day could protect millions of heart disease patients from an early grave. Rivaroxaban slashes the risk of dying fr... read more

Bec Judd reveals her beauty secrets in makeup tutorial

She’s known for being one of Australia’s most stunning and stylish celebrities. And on Monday, Rebecca Judd gave her legions of loyal fans a little ... read more

Toddler tells his mum off for saying ‘bath’ wrong

Harrison, two, was outraged when his mother used short ‘a’ sound to say ‘bath’ Toddler from affluent London suburb could not accept nort... read more

Eric Bollng’s son was ‘destroyed’ over father’s firing

The son of Former Fox News host Eric Bolling was enduring ’emotional torture’ over the sexual harassment claims against father before he was found d... read more

Mother and baby rescued from flood hit Miami Beach home

A terrified mother and her baby were dramatically rescued as floodwater filled their Miami Beach home during Hurricane Irma. The woman raised the alarm when she... read more

Magic mushrooms may one day treat depression

Magic mushrooms could one day be used to treat depression. British scientists plan to conduct a study that investigates the illegal drug’s active ingredie... read more

Jennifer Lawrence wears a tight dress for Mother! at TIFF

She certainly turns heads at her red carpet events. And Jennifer Lawrence was right on trend as she stunned in a revealing ensemble for the premiere of her new ... read more

Mother praises father who saved her sons from rip tide

A heroic father-of-three who drowned while trying to save four children from a rip tide in heavy seas has been hailed a hero by their devastated mother. Shaun O... read more

Lisa Wilkinson open letter urging women children before 40

Esteemed Australian journalist, Lisa Wilkinson, has issued a powerful open letter about her miscarriages, urging other women to not take it for granted that the... read more

Florida police share photos of their officers during Irma

As Hurricane Irma takes aim at central Florida on Monday, police around the state are working day and night to keep residents safe. The Fort Lauderdale Police D... read more

Former Scottish rugby star dies during Singapore triathlon

Tributes have flooded in for a former Scottish rugby star who died competing in a gruelling triathlon in Singapore. Steve Begley, 42, is understood to have take... read more

Depression is a PHYSICAL illness, professor claims

Depression is a physical illness that could be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, according to a Cambridge University professor.  An overactive immune syste... read more

Living within 1km of a McDonalds makes your child FAT

If you live within walking distance of McDonalds, KFC or Burger King, your children are more likely to be fat. New evidence suggests that being within 0.6 miles... read more

British man swims across the Hoover Dam reservoir 

Forklift driver Arron Hughes, 28, was fined after swimming across Hoover Dam  Police didn’t arrest him as he ‘was the only person who had made it a... read more

Best cashback credit cards linked to a bank account

Congratulations, you’ve been pre-approved for your bank’s latest credit deal reserved ‘exclusively’ for existing customers. But is it an... read more

Woman sues loan firm because of orgasm ‘false advertising’

A woman in Russia is suing a credit company because she did not feel as if she’d had an orgasm after paying back a micro loan – as the lender promis... read more

Truckie fined for leaving car on verge when it broke down

Breaking down somewhere you’re not allowed to park is a nightmare for every driver, but one truck driver expected the front of his house would be safe. Bu... read more

Sydney man jailed for putting cameras into public toilets

A Sydney man has been jailed for 20 months for secretly filming toilets Benjamin Moorhouse, 40, filmed thousands of people at train stations and a mall Moorhous... read more

Bondi’s notorious Bobolas family of hoarders back in court

Members of Bondi’s notorious Bobolas family of hoarders are back in court facing claims including contempt as the rubbish continues to pile up outside the... read more

Man shares thank you note for giving customer free drink

A heartbroken woman who spilled the tale of her boyfriend’s infidelity at her local cafe was told her coffee was on the house – and the gesture left... read more

Gang of ‘African’ children steal from Melbourne Coles

Gang of ‘African’ youths stormed a Melbourne Coles on Saturday  They made off with lollies and soft drinks and left shoppers terrified  Victoria ... read more

Chocolate cake made with tomato soup create fluffy texture

It’s the tempting treat that’s sure to whet the appetite of even the most steadfast of dieters. And when it comes to the all-important ingredients l... read more

Prominent Australians defend Malcolm Turnbull’s picture

Attacks on Malcolm Turnbull for drinking beer while holding his baby granddaughter have been slammed as ‘un-Australian.’ The prime minister faced ba... read more