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Boat owner sinks friend’s Land Rover in harbour

A boat owner, who borrowed a friend’s Land Rover to launch his vessel, ended up sinking the car in the harbour.  The man was using the £10,000 Land Rove... read more

Video footage emerges of Kim Jong-un’s scientists’ H-bomb

A video from a massive celebration banquet thrown by Kim Jong-un for North Korean scientists appears to show the engineers piecing together the hydrogen bomb th... read more

Fathers can ALTER the sex of their children

‘Dads can alter the sex of their offspring’, according to a Oxford University lecturer. Men who produce high-quality sperm are more likely to have s... read more

MV Balmoral passengers seasick on journey from Liverpool

Hundreds of passengers on board a vintage ship travelling from Liverpool to North Wales were seasick during horrendous conditions on Saturday. MV Balmoral, ori... read more

Mother horrified to find STEAK KNIFE in online shoe order

A mum who ordered a pair of shoes from an online retailer was horrified after seeing her five-year-old son with a knife he found in a package she ordered online... read more

Charles Bronson calls jail chaplain ‘a disgrace’

Charles Bronson – dubbed Britain’s toughest prisoner – believes officials are ‘doing everything in their power to stop my wedding’... read more

Prince Albert of Monaco opens up about Grace Kelly’s death

Prince Albert of Monaco has opened up about the tragic death of his mother Grace Kelly, revealing that his father was never the ‘same man’ after the... read more

Bride-to-be run over by her own car after shopping trip

Marie-Claire Doherty, 25, from Belfast, believes she is ‘lucky to be alive’ after she was dragged under her moving car after shopping for her weddin... read more

Newcastle man falls as he climbs up a huge historic yacht

A man has had a lucky escape after falling from height as he climbed up a ship The 20-year-old was scaling the historic yacht docked in Newcastle’s harbou... read more

Macedonian footballer mocked for unfortunate bald patch

Goran Pandev playing for Italian side Genoa on Sunday when he was taken off Eagle-eyed fans noticed his usually shaped bald patch as he left the field Twitter u... read more

Concussion drug could reverse brain damage

A concussion drug reverses brain damage, new research suggests. When given to mice who had recently suffered a brain injury, the medication allows the animals t... read more

Barnaby Joyce tells gay marriage campaigners to stop abuse

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has told ABC radio listeners that supporters for gay marriage can ‘get out of my face’. Mr Joyce was speaking on... read more

Has China cracked Nasa’s ‘impossible engine’?

A new propaganda video claims that scientists in China have created a working prototype of the ‘impossible’ fuel-free engine. The radical EmDrive ha... read more

Ellen Page rocks suit and skinny tie at TIFF premiere

By Reporter Published: 07:04 BST, 11 September 2017 | Updated: 10:32 BST, 11 September 2017 Ellen Page looked sharp as she arrived for the premier... read more

Seven-step formula for becoming a morning person

1. Morning is the best time of the day to have sex, not only does it boost your immune system and release oxytocin to make you more relaxed – a quickie in the... read more

Australia’s first look at same-sex marriage survey form

The postal survey on same sex marriage in Australia will be mailed out from tomorrow, with full results expected to be released two months from Friday.  And th... read more

Police question gran, 73, over splashing neighbour’s car

Lynda Middleton, 73, said she was made to ‘feel like a criminal’ by the officers  The grandmother-of-five had splashed a parked car as she watered ... read more

Friend of London Bridge attacker made Windsor Castle video

Shocking footage shows a jihadi linked to London Bridge attacker Khuram Butt driving around Windsor shouting ISIS slogans and threatening to topple a statue of ... read more

‘Phenomenal’ pill slashes heart disease deaths by 22%

A ‘phenomenal’ pill taken twice a day could protect millions of heart disease patients from an early grave. Rivaroxaban slashes the risk of dying fr... read more

Bec Judd reveals her beauty secrets in makeup tutorial

She’s known for being one of Australia’s most stunning and stylish celebrities. And on Monday, Rebecca Judd gave her legions of loyal fans a little ... read more

Toddler tells his mum off for saying ‘bath’ wrong

Harrison, two, was outraged when his mother used short ‘a’ sound to say ‘bath’ Toddler from affluent London suburb could not accept nort... read more

Eric Bollng’s son was ‘destroyed’ over father’s firing

The son of Former Fox News host Eric Bolling was enduring ’emotional torture’ over the sexual harassment claims against father before he was found d... read more

Mother and baby rescued from flood hit Miami Beach home

A terrified mother and her baby were dramatically rescued as floodwater filled their Miami Beach home during Hurricane Irma. The woman raised the alarm when she... read more

Magic mushrooms may one day treat depression

Magic mushrooms could one day be used to treat depression. British scientists plan to conduct a study that investigates the illegal drug’s active ingredie... read more