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Google will unveil its Pixel 2 phones on October 4

Rumours have been swirling for months about Google’s next Pixel smartphones and the long wait will soon be over thanks to a new trailer. The tech firm upl... read more

Selena Gomez on the set of movie after secret transplant

She shocked her fans by revealing she underwent a secret kidney transplant over the summer to help her battle with Lupus.  And brave Selena Gomez looked health... read more

Eldorado Gold gets Greek arbitration notice on project

By Reuters Published: 16:25 BST, 14 September 2017 | Updated: 16:25 BST, 14 September 2017 By Susan Taylor TORONTO, Sept 14 (Reuters) – Canada’s Eld... read more

Jimmy Carter backs Trump on ending DACA in six month

President Donald Trump has an unlikely defender of his approach to immigration law: former President Jimmy Carter. Speaking to Georgia college students, the 39t... read more

Vegan Hippo cafe to boycott new Jane Austen banknotes

A vegan cafe which boycotted the plastic £5 note for containing animal fat will now refuse to accept the Jane Austen banknote which released in circulation tod... read more

Two stags go antler-to-antler on rural road in Wisconsin 

A couple came across two male deer fighting in the road in Clam Lake, Wisconsin The animals link antlers and push each other back and forth across the road It a... read more

Nevada may become the first to allow public marijuana use

Officials in Nevada have opened the door for the state to be first in the union to allow the use of recreational marijuana in clubs and lounges. The state Legis... read more

Makeup-free Mel B steps out with a mystery man

It’s recently been rumoured that she’s dating policeman Ryan Lawrence as she battles through acrimonious divorce proceedings with Stephen Belafonte.... read more

Hungary’s Fidesz prepares campaign against “Soros plan” for migrants

By Reuters Published: 16:10 BST, 14 September 2017 | Updated: 16:10 BST, 14 September 2017 BUDAPEST, Sept 14 (Reuters) – Hungary’s ruling Fidesz par... read more

Ex-Choirboys singer jumped in front of train

Patrick Aspbury, 23, became a star after joining the three-piece boyband the Choirboys in 2005 but suffered with schizophrenia and killed himself last year A s... read more

Autopsy ahows girl, 12, was beaten and strangled to death

Of the thousands of autopsies Dr Feng Li has conducted over the course of his career as a Nashville medical examiner, he says the post-mortem examination of 12-... read more

Chinese company launches share-a-sexdoll app for £34 a day

Life-size silicone sex dolls are available to be shared by public users in China The app has released five different models including a schoolgirl and a nurse E... read more

Peckham townhouse worth £1.65m can be bought with Bitcoin

A posh London townhouse has been put on the market with the owner willing to accept bitcoin – in what is thought to be a UK first. The three-bedroom, thre... read more

Elephants hide by day, forage at night to evade poachers

Elephants in eastern Africa have learned to travel at night and hide during the day to avoid poachers who are hunting them to extinction, a new study shows. Nor... read more

Tesco nappy ‘left 10-month-old girl screaming in pain’ 

A ten-month-old baby girl was left screaming in pain when her Tesco nappy burst open and burned her skin, according to her mother. Alice Mortimer was sleeping i... read more

Fans swoon over matty J’s mum in show finale

She’s the family matriarch helping her son Matty ‘J’ Johnson in his quest for love on The Bachelor. And Matty’s mum Ellie stole the show... read more

Charleston’s most exclusive neighborhoods escape Irma

Charleston’s wealthiest and most historic neighborhoods were drying off on Tuesday following a tidal surge from Hurricane Irma that saw floodwaters rise a... read more

Failure to patch system flaw led to massive Equifax breach

Hackers exploited a two-month-old flaw in Equifax’s web systems to steal millions of customer’s private data, the firm revealed. A patch for the vul... read more

Ex-council house on Cornish coast sells for £1.4m

A three-bedroom former council house with some of the best views in Britain has sold – for a whopping £1,440,000. Sunset House, which sits on Porthmeor H... read more

Woman crashes into table while playing slip ‘n flip game

A woman completely failed at playing the drinking game ‘Slip ‘n Flip’ Players race down a slip ‘n slide, chug beer, and flip the cup Thi... read more

American model Teddy Quinlivan comes out as transgender

One of the brightest stars in the modelling world has come out as transgender. Teddy Quinlivan posted a series of videos on her Instagram page Wednesday, the fi... read more

Melting permafrost washes through Tibetan grasslands

An astonishing video has emerged online showing a large section of mud and grass sliding down a hill in north-west China last Thursday. The flow was later confi... read more

Hitman moves girl out of way before shooting target

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT The footage was captured on CCTV at a cafe believed to be in Venezuela The man pulls a little girl out of view before gunning down his t... read more

Alligator pops up inches from dog swimming in floodwaters 

Corina Cox, 37, was walking her dog Pokey in Kissame, FL, after the storm She was filming her pet on her phone as he swam in the water The alligator then emerge... read more