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London home sold for £550,000 sees daylight for first time

A terraced home which was sold for an eye-watering £550,000 despite being hidden completely by trees has seen the light of day for the first time in decades. T... read more

Melbourne man rushed to hospital after attacked with table

A 23-year-old man was brutally attacked by a man with a kebab shop table  The attack took place at a busy street in Melbourne suburb, South Yarra The 23-year-o... read more

Shropshire thief steals two ‘worthless’ hanging baskets

This is the bizarre moment a shameless thief stole two ‘worthless’ hanging baskets and nearly lost his tracksuit bottoms as he ran away. The extraor... read more

Criminals could be allowed to hide their convictions

Recommendation is reportedly at the heart of a review of reoffending policy  It is from Labour MP David Lammy who was asked to look at why reoffending is highe... read more

Harry Patch told of horrors of WWI

The last survivor of the First World War kept the horrors his witnessed secret until days before his death, his biographer has revealed. For almost 90 years, Ha... read more

Woman suing JetBlue after ‘being burned on flight by tea’

A 25-year-old woman is suing JetBlue after she suffered severe second-and-third-degree burns on her butt after allegedly being burned by excruciating hot tea du... read more

Arizona boy paralyzed from motorcycle accident walks again

Wyatt Tidwell, 19, from Gilbert in Arizona, USA, suffered a broken back, punctured lungs, a broken femur, collarbone, shoulder and more from the accident when h... read more

Steely Dan co-founder Walter Becker dies at 67

Steely Dan co-founder Walter Becker has died at home aged 67, according to the legendary bands official website. Becker along with fellow bandmate Donald Fagen ... read more

Stars turn out for Bradley Lowery charity football match

Thousands have descended on Goodison Park this afternoon for a star-studded football match in tribute to Bradley Lowery. The six-year-old captured the hearts of... read more

Cave museum celebrating Nazi Erwin Rommel re-opens

A cave museum in honour of Nazi general Erwin Rommel featuring his weapons and uniforms has re-opened to the public after seven years. The Desert Fox is held in... read more

Traditional dancers black their faces in Lancashire parade

Traditional dancers from a 150-year-old troupe took to the streets with blackened faces in a historic procession. Members of the Britannia Coconut Dancers of Ba... read more

Sydney woman wants orphanage tourism banned

Australians could soon be leading the way in becoming the world’s first in making it a crime for its citizens to donate or volunteer at any orphanages. Bo... read more

Gay marriage activists want Dr Pansy Lai deregistered

Gay marriage supporters want a doctor who appeared in an ad for the no campaign stripped of her medical licence. A petition calling on the Australian Medical As... read more

Grazia editor still traumatised by the birth of daughter

The editor of Grazia magazine has described how she is still traumatised by the birth of her daughter, after being ‘failed’ by a bias towards having... read more

Malcolm Turnbull called Tony Abbott c-word on VIP flight

Malcolm Turnbull told his bitter rival Tony Abbott he was a ‘disloyal c***’  and ‘hopeless’ after a boozy party only 14 months before h... read more

George Michael’s beloved dog Abby pines for her owner

Singer George Michael’s beloved golden labrador Abby appears to be pining for her old master at the late star’s shrine in North London.  Sat among ... read more

Sophie Wessex dresses down at the Burghley Horse Trials

She’s known for her love of horses, and is regularly seen at the races.  But the Countess of Wessex showed her fondness for another animal today, as she ... read more

Gang of migrants clash with French riot police in Calais

Three police officers were injured during clashes with migrants trying to get on board UK-bound lorries struck in traffic jams in Calais. Violence broke out aft... read more

Boris Johnson warns Kim Jong-un could ‘vaporise’ Seoul

Boris Johnson has warned that Kim Jong-un could ‘vaporise’ the South Korean capital Seoul while admitting that there it no ‘easy military solu... read more

Chinese toddler who fell into 150ft well is saved

The 20-month-old boy fell into a the well yesterday while out with grandparents  Huge machinery was brought in to rescue the boy from the 30cm-diameter gap  H... read more

Lottery insider ‘faked winning ticket inside Camelot’s HQ’

A lottery insider faked a £2.5millon jackpot winning ticket for his rapist co-conspirator inside Camelot’s headquarters, a whistleblower has claimed.  G... read more

Ashish sequin New York Mets track pants cost $2,000

A London-based fashion designer is paying homage to the New York Mets with a pair of track pants in his latest collection — which cost as much as a premium pa... read more

Classroom horror as Indian teenage pupil pulls handgun

CCTV footage appears to show a schoolboy shoot a fellow pupil in a classroom The pair, aged 16 or 17, had a disagreement two days earlier in Sonipat, India Two ... read more

Britain’s cheapest lager is on sale in Liverpool for £2.90

Britain’s cheapest lager is on sale in Liverpool where the average cost of a pint is £2.90. Lager lovers in Sheffield are not far behind, with a pint in ... read more