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Sophie Wessex dresses down at the Burghley Horse Trials

She’s known for her love of horses, and is regularly seen at the races.  But the Countess of Wessex showed her fondness for another animal today, as she ... read more

Gang of migrants clash with French riot police in Calais

Three police officers were injured during clashes with migrants trying to get on board UK-bound lorries struck in traffic jams in Calais. Violence broke out aft... read more

Boris Johnson warns Kim Jong-un could ‘vaporise’ Seoul

Boris Johnson has warned that Kim Jong-un could ‘vaporise’ the South Korean capital Seoul while admitting that there it no ‘easy military solu... read more

Chinese toddler who fell into 150ft well is saved

The 20-month-old boy fell into a the well yesterday while out with grandparents  Huge machinery was brought in to rescue the boy from the 30cm-diameter gap  H... read more

Lottery insider ‘faked winning ticket inside Camelot’s HQ’

A lottery insider faked a £2.5millon jackpot winning ticket for his rapist co-conspirator inside Camelot’s headquarters, a whistleblower has claimed.  G... read more

Ashish sequin New York Mets track pants cost $2,000

A London-based fashion designer is paying homage to the New York Mets with a pair of track pants in his latest collection — which cost as much as a premium pa... read more

Classroom horror as Indian teenage pupil pulls handgun

CCTV footage appears to show a schoolboy shoot a fellow pupil in a classroom The pair, aged 16 or 17, had a disagreement two days earlier in Sonipat, India Two ... read more

Britain’s cheapest lager is on sale in Liverpool for £2.90

Britain’s cheapest lager is on sale in Liverpool where the average cost of a pint is £2.90. Lager lovers in Sheffield are not far behind, with a pint in ... read more

Jack the Stripper killer ‘unmasked as boxer Freddie Mills’

A former Sun crime reporter claims boxer Freddie Mills (above) was ‘Jack the Stripper’, who killed six women in London during the 1960s The murders ... read more

PR agents to exclude Bachelor mean girls from events

They’ve already been kicked out of the Bachelor mansion for their mean girl antics.  And on Monday, it was reported that this year’s batch of reali... read more

Students caught smuggling fidget spinner weapon to school

The novelty fidget spinner has turned into a deadly ‘star knife’ in some schools  The toy has been altered to resemble ninja throwing star with sha... read more

Zoe and Benji Marshall are expecting their first child

They’ve been trying for a baby in recent months, and she even went on an extreme diet earlier this year in a bid to conceive. And on Sunday – Father... read more

Corbyn’s Brexit chief denies the party is in chaos

Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer today insisted Labour’s threat to vote against crucial Brexit laws is still in place. He warned Labour could oppo... read more

Last 2 McDonald’s selling pizza have been forced to stop

If you didn’t make the trip to Ohio or West Virginia to get a taste of McDonald’s pizza earlier this year, you’re out of luck.  Pizza was onc... read more

Avocado shortage as Australians eat 4kg per person yearly

Australia’s avocado supplies are quickly running out as the demand increases  The average Australian eats almost four kilograms of avocados each year  A... read more

Jake Paul helping victims of Houston floods

Jake Paul has been coined the ‘worst neighbor’ for making loud noises as he shoots his goofy YouTube videos at his West Hollywood home. In July a po... read more

‘Muslim’ senator says he always shouts round of drinks

A Labor senator who describes himself as a ‘non-practising’ Muslim says his friends would slaughter him if he left a pub without shouting a round of... read more

The advice President Obama gave President Trump

The contents of the letter President Obama wrote giving advice to President Trump have now been revealed.  On Sunday, CNN released the letter President Obama w... read more

Middle Eastern man on the run after Sydney shooting

A woman has been injured after shots were fired into a home on Sunday morning A 43-year-old woman was treated for minor grazes following the shooting   NSW pol... read more

Madeleine Madden says the statue debate is all wrong

She’s both an up and coming actress and an Indigenous Australian activist. And on Monday, Madeleine Madden said that the statue debate is tearing the nati... read more

Drink driver is found slumped over the wheel on the beach

Darius Andreikenas was on a night out in his hometown on Newquay, Cornwall The 38-year-old decided to take his VW Golf for a spin and ended up on a beach He wa... read more

Silverdoor Apartments UK and US food names infographic

In the UK, a biscuit is a sweet baked good – but in America, it’s more like a savoury scone, served with gravy  For Brits, jelly is a wobbly desser... read more

Married father-of-two pestered forces’ wives for sex

A married father-of-two sending thousands of charity parcels to British servicemen in war zones secretly pestered forces’ wives for sex.  Chris Webster, ... read more

Dunblane killer Thomas Hamilton shot dead 16 children

The killer behind the UK’s worst mass shooting who murdered 16 primary school children in Dunblane in Scotland in 1996 planned the massacre from his mothe... read more