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Funny parenting tweets expose children’s weirdest antics

Glamorous mummy bloggers can make parenting look easy, but exhausted mums and dads have taken to Twitter to share the harsh (and hilarious) reality of raising a... read more

Andrea Brooks shares humiliation-saving fashion hacks

Fashion faux pas can become embarrassing mistakes from nylons that catch a giant snag to pants that reveal a horrifying camel toe. One California fashion guru r... read more

Mother admits biting her daughter and hitting her son

Susan Wynne-Willson, 69, is accused of assaulting her children Rosa and Daniel The wife of a renowned lighting engineer for U2 admitted biting her six-year-old ... read more

Married Oklahoma Sen- sex battery charge from Uber driver

A married Oklahoma state state senator has been charged with felony sexual battery after being accused by an Uber driver of forcefully grabbing her and kissing ... read more

Mysterious condition left girl bed bound and in nappies

A mysterious condition has left an 11-year-old girl bed bound, mute, unable to read or write and back in nappies. Kaci Smith began suffering slurred speech andĀ... read more

Equifax execs sold $1.8million of stock days after breach

Equifax says that three company executives who sold stock just days after the company discovered a major security breach were not aware of the hack at the time.... read more

Stephen Belafonte’s sex tape to be used as evidence

A bombshell video allegedly filmed by America’s Got Talent judge Mel B showing her ex Stephen Belafonte having sex with another woman has been submitted a... read more

Woman is left paralysed after a night out

A woman who ‘can’t remember’ breaking her back on a night out has vowed not to let her devastating injuries ruin her life – despite bein... read more

Coleen Rooney is seen WITHOUT her wedding ring

Coleen Rooney was seen without her wedding ring for the first time today – suggesting her marriage to footballer Wayne could be over following his drink-d... read more

Ambush Makeover of Virginia mom brings son to tears

A Virginia woman’s son was reduced to tears by the sight of his mother’s dramatic makeover, which she received after losing 40 pounds, and just week... read more

Priebus told Trump quit after Access Hollywood tape leak

Reince Priebus told Donald Trump in the days following the October 2016 release of embarrassing audio from a 2005 Access Hollywood taping that he would lose the... read more

Rush Limbaugh flees home after dismissing Hurricane Irma

Rush Limbaugh closed out his popular radio program on Thursday by announcing he would be off the air on Friday and broadcasting next week from ‘parts unkn... read more

Letter from the Queen to her midwife is unearthed

A rare letter from the Queen to her midwife gushing over the ‘good as gold’ newborn Prince Edward has been unearthed. The handwritten message, writt... read more

Boomer the joey takes cute animal photo on Reddit

A photo of Boomer with his long hind legs surfaced online on Thursday The little joey is seen calmly standing on what appears to be bathroom tiles One Reddit us... read more

The Bachelor’s Jen Hawke reveals weight loss on Instagram

She’s the Bachelor beauty who previously revealed she’d gained 10kg in the mansion after eating 2.5kgs of Nutella in just ten days. But Jen Hawke sh... read more

Elvis impersonator is BANNED from doing karaoke

A wannabe Elvis impersonator has been banned from doing karaoke after fighting with fellow singers and threatening a DJ. Richard Carpenter, 64, felt he had a kn... read more

Obese woman slims down by eating 10 grapefruits a day

A size 22 woman (UK 26) has revealed the quirky secret behind her weight loss of more than 110 lbs (eight stone) ā€“ eating 10 grapefruits a day. Terrified when... read more

Girl, 14, drugged and gang-raped by 40 men on Thai island

A 15-year-old girl has claimed that she was systematically raped by dozens of men in a small village on an island in Thailand. The unnamed girl says up to 40 me... read more

Boris Johnson rides in a TANK during visit to Estonia

Boris Johnson took the helm of a tank and met an unlikely doppleganger in the form of an army sniper during a visit to Estonia today. The Foreign Secretary went... read more

May vows to be the Geoffrey Boycott of Prime Ministers

Theresa May set out her stall as the Geoffrey Boycott of Prime Ministers today, praising the cricket legend for ‘sticking in there and getting on with the... read more

Methadone clinics in Houston are reopening after Harvey

Houston’s methadone clinics are overloaded with addicts this week after Hurricane Harvey cut off the supply to both legal and illegal drugs for days.Ā  Ma... read more

Aliens could be spying on Earth from nine exoplanets

If there were aliens sitting on at least nine exoplanets in other solar systems, they would be ideally placed to spy on what we’re doing on Earth, a new s... read more

Cannibal surgeon strikes leaving dismembered corpseĀ 

A Russian town is living in fear of a ‘cannibal surgeon’ after the macabre discovery of a naked woman’s body with flesh carved from one breast... read more

Commonwealth swimmer Otto Putland walks free from court

Otto Putland, 23, pictured outside Cardiff Crown Court today, was accused of getting into bed with the 19-year-old woman A jury was discharged today after faili... read more