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Daughter of German diplomat stabbed 13-year-old boy

The daughter of a foreign diplomat staffed at the German Embassy stabbed a schoolmate twice in the shoulder Tuesday with scissors at a preppy international scho... read more

Light plane ‘crashes and explodes’ at Welsh airport

Emergency services raced to the disaster at Caernarfon Airport in Wales  Horrified witnesses reported hearing a ‘massive explosion’ before a fireba... read more

Disney under fire for ‘whitewashing’ in Aladdin

Disney has come under fire for adding a new ‘white prince’ role in its new Aladdin remake. White actor Billy Magnussen joins the likes of Will Smit... read more

Rare aerial footage of Pyongyang shows 360-view of city

Rare aerial footage of North Korea’s capital, Pyongyang, has revealed that while it’s filled with skyscrapers, the vast city appears to be empty of ... read more

Kalani Hilliker slammed by followers for promoting Fit Tea

A teenage star of the popular reality series Dance Moms has been accused by her social media followers of promoting ‘diet culture’ and encouraging e... read more

Hillary’s latest targets: in blame: women marchers, Lauer

Hillary Clinton has added another name her long list of grievances about those who cost her the election, this time singling out energized anti-Trump women mar... read more

Kit Harington says Jon Snow smells like dog and old meat

The saucy sex scene between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen in the finale of Game of Thrones may have left many people feeling all hot under the collar – ... read more

Kanye West will skip New York Fashion Week

Kanye West has been known to stir up drama with his Yeezy fashion shows during New York Fashion Week, and is doing so again this year — by not even having one... read more

Serena Williams’ stepmom says her dad wants to evict her

Serena Williams step mother is out of love with the Williams family, so much so that she alleges Serena is evicting her from the Florida home she’s living... read more

Did YOU develop SUPER VISION during the eclipse?

If you were lucky enough to catch the recent total solar eclipse in August, you might have noticed something surprising. While it was dark as night in regions t... read more

Clay seals used over 2,700 years ago in Israel

Ancient seals used by bureaucrats and officials in the Kingdom of Judah over 2,700 years ago have been unearthed by archaeologists. Most evidence of correspond... read more

NY man accused of raping stroke victim says she consented

A man charged with raping a partially paralyzed stroke victim at a Bronx hospital has admitted to having sex with the woman but insisted that the intercourse wa... read more

Trump ties ‘permanent’ DACA to funds for ‘border security’

Donald Trump insisted Wednesday that he has sent no mixed signal’ about his desire for the DACA program to survive past March 2018 – and said he expects... read more

Royal Marine stole £19k worth of saxophones for eBay sales

Marine Adrian Higginson (pictured outside Portsmouth Court Martial), of the Royal Marines Band Service, based in Portsmouth, pleaded guilty to two charges of th... read more

Plastic surgery in Miami leaves woman bruised and swollen

Former beauty queen Tracie Samara was left bruised, swollen and nearly blinded from getting silicone fillers in her face. The then-44-year-old opted for a free,... read more

DIY Hair Mask: Aloe Vera for Beach Waves

Canadian beauty vlogger Farah Dhukai is known for sharing unconventional beauty hacks with her 5.7 million Instagram followers and 1.8 million YouTube subscribe... read more

Saudis gave Trump tiger- and cheetah-lined robes

1. Four pairs ofleather sandals 2. Box of Saudi traditional headgear including black wool headbands and accompanying scarves  3. Brown wool robe 4. Orange and ... read more

NASA images reveal how auroras form on Jupiter 

People from around the world travel to Scandinavia each year in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights. But while the auroras on Earth are impre... read more

‘Offensive’ US leaflet led to suicide bomb at Afghan base

A top US commander in Afghanistan has apologized after a ‘highly offensive’ leaflet sparked outrage – and a bomb attack on a US airbase. The l... read more

Trump baffles Congress saying he would ‘revisit’ DACA

Since the day he launched his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has talked tough on immigration, promising to take the kind of decisive action he accused othe... read more

Trump talks war with North Korea after call with Xi

President Donald Trump left war with North Korea on the table as an option if Pyongyang doesn’t behave after a call with China’s Xi Jinping on Wedne... read more

Google’s most searched questions reveal everyday struggles

From learning how to kiss to how to lose weight, Google’s most searched questions give us an insight into humanity’s daily trials and tribulations. ... read more

Syrian commentator’s incredible reaction to equaliser

A Syrian commentator broke down in tears in an incredible reaction to a late equaliser against Iran which kept the war-torn country’s World Cup dream aliv... read more

China practises for ‘surprise attack’ over sea near Korea

An anti-aircraft defence battalion carried out the exercise early on Tuesday  Soldiers were sent from central China to the Bohai Sea – a gulf in the Yell... read more